Wanting 60 FPS Feature in PUBG MOBILE for Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1 In Android 10

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Please tell us some basic information before asking for help:

  1. Model Name: ASUS_X00TD
  2. Firmware Version:PKQ1.WW_Phone-16.2017.2004.063-20200407
  3. Rooted or not: NO
  4. Frequency of Occurrence: Adding Feature in Android 10 (Q)
  5. APP Name & APP Version (If your issue relates to the app):PUBG MOBILE Version 0.18.0

In addition to information above, please also provide as much details as you can, e.g., using scenario, what troubleshooting you've already done, screenshot, etc.


Hello Asus,

From the heading you will understand what I will be talk about this... As we all know that pubg mobile released 0.18.0 Update which was Huge in Size, but Due to this huge size ther was such problems are happening... Like FPS Drop is One of the major Problem. As we know that Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1 Supports HD Graphics with High(30 FPS) Frame Rate but when We will Using And Initialize Config then for sometimes the The Frame Rate was Going For Extreme (60FPS) but after restart the PUBG MOBILE then it Resets to Automatically Sets to High Frame Rate and Disabled Ultra (40 FPS) And Extreme (60 FPS)... In last 10 days I heard a news that Realme 6, 6 pro, 5 and 5 pro were given this feature on their smartphones whichs processor was Snapdragon 636, and 660... I didn't want to compare the companies between Asus And Realme... I was Saying Because Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1 Supports Refresh Rate Upto 60 FPS (It was Shown in One Of The Screenshot... We want this feature in Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1 that we want this Frame Rate upto 60 FPS In PUBG MOBILE In Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1

I request you to please kindly add support upto 60 FPS feature in PUBG MOBILE... So this Gaming Phone Will Having A Great Experience while Playing

Hopefully We will wait for this feature in Stable Update of Android 10 and Also Please Add Asus Game Geniue In System For a smoother Gaming Improvement.

Please Think about this feature with your CEO and Developer Team for Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1 it will very greatful to you.

Thank you



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