PlayProtect is disabled by default in AOSP developer beta updates

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Back in .407 and in .424 beta updates, play protect certification is disabled by default. So it is not passed by safetynet, I think. Thus any online transactions may not be secure. My google pay is also not working after installing the beta updates. But worked fine in .63 pie.

Speaker sound gets low, after using the phone for a while. After cleaning app datas manually and after going to recovery mode, after performing wipe cache partition again and again only solves the problem.

I want a stable update with the fixes soon.

From an Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1 user


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    I got a call to share feedback on this link, which is actually my post on the forum. I am not sure what feedback should I give , where my issues are not solved. I just request Asus team to work on the issue, and provide us a stable update of Android 10 as soon as possible. We demand it by the end of this month, and our demad is justified.

    I am using the latest beta asop android 10 beta rom provided by asus. Build no ending with .424, and yes, I even don't have any idea about rooting and I just hate all those things. As a simple user, I love simplicity. I expect a simple and smooth device from Asus like it was in stock Oreo, where everything works just fine.

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    In my case play protection certification is enabled. I'm on the latest A10 version (024)

    I think you can fix that by going to Settings >Security>Google play system update and updating google play system to latest version.

    After that just restarting your device or do a clear cache partition.

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    Go to Settings>Security>Google play system update. After you update that to the latest version do a restart or clear cache partition.

    Im on the latest 024 version and my Google play certification is enabled

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    Sorry, your steps did not work for me. Even when I was in .407 version and tried all troubleshooting steps but it did not seem to work... and it doesn't work now too.

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    I am on latest may security update from google play. But my phone's security update is from April, as per security patches given by Asus. Still every time I do a reset, it always says device is not certified. When I try to log in to my Asus id with my google id, it logs in, bit says registration failed, as this device is already registered.

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    Hi pabixyz,

    Please try clearing cache & storage of Google Play Store & Google Play Services, and reinstall Google Pay. (Settings > Apps & notifications > See all apps > Find "Google Play Store & Google Play Services > Storage > Clear cache & storage).

     If the problem still appears, please provide Google play not certified screenshot (Google Play Store > Settings) , error screenshot of Google Pay, app versions of Google Play Store & Google Pay. Also, I've sent you a PM. Please check your inbox.

    For speaker sound low:

    Please tell us system notifications/ringtone/ or media. If media, please tell us the app name/app version/ play store link/ music link/ volume level screenshot.

    Thank you 🙂

  • Hi pabixyz,

    An updated Android 10 version WW-17.2017.2006.429 has been released.

    We have improved sound volume and quality in this version.

    You may manually download from our website:

    Thank you and have a nice weekend 🙂

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