SOLVED - Touchpad jitter, touchpad stutter, touchpad issue UX362FA and silimar models

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  1. System: Windows 10
  2. Battery or AC: both
  3. Model: Zenbook 13 Flip UX362FA
  4. Frequency of occurrence: often under high and low load
  5. Reset OS: updated OS, drivers and firmware. Reset OS and settings
  6. Screenshot or video: tba


** SOLVED **

-- Problem;

If you have a UX362 flip and the touchpad mouse jutters and stutters when you have you finger on it.

If the cursor jumps and moves around the screen when your finger is stopped on the touchpad.

If the touchpad has these similar issues, and you have updated, rolled back, reset all drivers, and OS with no success.

-- Issue;

The issue is the grounding of the touchpad onto the metal case to release static buildup.

The current cheap piece of metal tape that attempts to ground the touchpad base, is insufficient.

-- Remedy;

You will need to remove the backing. 9 small screws. two screws are located under the rear rubber feet. Use a plastic prying tool to unseat the edge of the backing the whole way round slowly. backing will pop off after all 4 sides are unseated.

remove battery by 4 screws. you can raise the battery without unplugging it if needed. But unplug is the preferred option.

The touchpad base is exposed. You will see the touchpad green circuit board and the metal framing around it. You will also see a piece of metal tape on a right angle.

This metal tape touches a copper plate on the touchpad board, and runs a right angle to an exposed part of the notebook housing. Very cheap and nasty.

I used a piece of aluminium foil roled into a 5cm flat cigar to ground the copper plate better.

(The foil is about the same width as the copper plate and long enough to touch 3/4 of the copper plate and up to the screw that is covered by the original metal tape.)

I used clear sticky tape to secure the foil grounding in place.

replaced battery, and cover. Turned on, and have used my notebook for about 3 charge cycles with not one mouse issue.

-- Result;

I loaded up the system and opened a few intensive programs, let it heat up, and now the touch pad works flawlessly!..

Asus are most likely aware of this, but have decided to ignore this issue by throwing driver updates, or excuses at each occurence, and not rectifying the actual issue.. Static buildup.

Unfortunately I didnt take any pictures as I was doing the fix, because I was initially only exploring, until I saw the poor cheap grounding metal tape issue.

Hope this helps a few of the guys out there having th esame issue.

Note: this was the only issue that made this notebook a 2/5 instead of a 5/5 . Now I love it. no more issue!


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