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Hello there . First of all , I'm sorry with my bad English. Hope you guys could understand me .

I bought my Rog 2 phone just to play Pubg Mobile. The first week was very awesome . I can set the graphic to HDR and frame rate to extreme ( 60fps ) with minimal frame drop . It just drop like 1 or 5 . After the latest update for Pubg Mobile , I found that my frame rate keep dropping like crazy , drop to 0 and make my screen lag stutter. I'm using fibre wifi which give me a constant ping at 22ms . If I'm using 4g connection , I could get 30ms . It very stable connection so I don't think I have internet connection after the latest update from Pubg .

I tried to turn off X mode while playing and walllaaaa . The frame drop was near 1 or 5 only . Then tried again to on X Mode and again it make the frame drop very high. Is there any chance I could fix this problem?

For your information , there is no sosial media apps inside this Rog . Also , I only have Pubg Mobile only . The default setting in armoury crate was used from the beginning.


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    Hi,if you check other forums,all pubg will drop frame rates is all due to the app itself.

    Phone is fine.

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    Pubg is badly optimised and the fps drop/stutters occurs on all phones

    And the latest update pubg had major stutters (it got a bug fix or something) try that maybe some people have reported improved performance after that fix

    I advise you to uninstall and reinstall it again

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    Please uninstall and install again. Then try the difference between normal and X-mode. If you experience lower performance on X-mode then please make a video of both and post them here. Also record your x-mode settings so I can try and replicate the issue

  • I have a same proble.. when i play pubg new update the frame drop just happened , i dont use the x mode, but whe i try use the x mode pubg going stuck and restar the phone over and over. Please fix this, thanks

  • I also have same but my fps drop is like 40-20 in game lobby but while fight it drops to 0-15fps no chance to survive I will never recommend anyone to buy asus Devices really shit service I tried to call coustomer wait for 10min no Answer

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    i face the same lag frm yesterday is there any solution let me know going to break this phone

  • See dnt go for any pubg settings , trust me after the 18 April update ,the gaming performance has enhanced a lot . Go to armory crate - Xmode off , CPU - 2.96 , temperature - normal . In game pubg settings - smooth , extreme . Disable all features regarding fps drop or anti analysis under graphic section . Use any of the blue zone options , but try to stick with the default one as sometimes the newly added makes your game choppy . Last but not the least use colourful , basic , movie any colour scheme and try to shift to one which is more comfortable to use with , by the way mine is colourful . Thankyou I hope these things might help you brother. Also try clearing storage no need to uninstall the app if you dnt want else first clear the storage and then uninstall it , I suggest you to first try what I mentioned above , chill brother everything is gonna work fine ;)

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    Pubg has shitty optimisation after latest game update it's bonkers

    Game freezes,fps stutters are faced by almost everyone (on different devices)

    They fucked up in latest update

  • I don't think on all devices iphones no lag my friend using xr no lag at all and records gameplay

    I will never recommend anyone to buy asus devices

    Really frustrated I am gonna broke this shit Device coustmer care have no solution just one thing gonna be right but nothing work

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    iPhone and Android are two different ecosystems

    Both aren't comparable as both run of different chipset + have different optimisations

    I agree that iOS has great optimisation but there are other downsides to iPhones

    But as far as android is considered pubg is badly optimised here

  • Hey after latest update of pubg of 14 mb, the fps drop issue has been fixed. I was also facing fps drop since last 3-4 days but after the new fix by pubg, i am no longer experiencing any major fps drop.

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    I have Sam issue for 2 weeks,in tdm works perfect,but in normal game I get fps drops in fights,

  • Iphone optimize its app for all ios devices and for the fact it optimized pubg too, but for androids they are optimized for most of android phones by playstore and it is not possible to optimize it for all android. It is well optimized for oneplus devices, samsung and others but few devices are very choppy and stuff thats because it has not been optimized by the game. The game is not open source so the devs of the phone who design software cannot optimize phone software according to the game thats why. I face no lags or frame drops. Just set temperature to high in armory crate and turn on memory cleaner at max cpu with default xmode (or higher). Hopefully i could explain to you.

  • I am a competitive player and i play t2 customs, i face massive frame drops at last circle if my xmode is at lower settings, so i have to increase settings everytime i play custom matches Which is fair enough and after increasing settings i barely face any lags in a small circle with 30-40 people.

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