Asus Zenbook 14 UX434FLC Battery Problem

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My laptop used to have 8-9 hrs of battery life. I didn't use it for 20 days and when i turned it on later my BIOS got updated . Now it have 2-3 hrs of battery life. Please help me .


  • Hi @sureshpaudel49 Since your laptop is new, so there might be apps running in your background right now, including windows update and others. Please check if there are any updates still running, as this will cause your battery to drains faster. After all the updates are completed, please check if battery life problem persists.

    Thank you!

  • Mesut7oMesut7o Level 1

    I have the same issue

  • Hi @AnthonyLee_ASUS I've done as you said and the problem is still there. Can you suggest me other ways to solve it?

  • Hi, @sureshpaudel49 We will try to test and duplicate your issue, can you tell us if your Wi-Fi/bluetooth is enabled (and check if signal is stable), main screen brightness level, ScreenPad on/off? What app you're using to cause battery draining? Lastly, please click the battery icon and tell us the Power Mode (on battery). Thanks!

  • VRayneVRayne Level 1

    OMG! Same here!

    What is happening? My setting has always been the same. On Balanced Power Plan.

    Brightness always on 50%

    Volume on 50 as well.

    Easy to say, everything has been the same. But ever since i got the latest BIOS 305... My battery life sucks like mad. i get only about 2hrs+.

    What's going on? I got this laptop for the form factor and the good battery life. I've always love Asus since my first laptop since X80N.

    Please fix this. I was even looking for new batteries replacement.

    I might sell this off anytime soon. I need a laptop with a good battery life.

    Laptop was at 100% @ 1326hrs

    Now, 68% @ 1423hrs. That's absurd.

  • VRayneVRayne Level 1

    From what i understand we cant downgrade BIOS, is this correct?

    If i can, how can i do so for Asus Laptops?

  • @AnthonyLee_ASUS

    Wifi : Enabled (Connected)

    Bluetooth : Enabled (Connected)

    Mainscreen Brightness : Low

    Screenpad : Off

    Power Mode (on Battery) : Better Battery

    I mostly use Microsoft edge, Excel and Word

  • Hi @sureshpaudel49, thank you for your information. Can you provide windows task manager as well? Thanks a lot!

  • McAfee is a useless thing...

  • Hello sureshpaudel49,

    Sorry for our late reply.

    May you try to use other browser ? like Chrome or Firefox?

    Also, please try to update or uninstall Microsoft Edge.

    Thank you very much.

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