Unable to disable a single app

Guri27Guri27 Level 2

From almost last 20 days I disable the google photos app, ut got disabled and then few moments later it got enabled by itself. Don't know why it is happening but completely frustrated now. And now aamod.v8 or any other mod will come and say not happening with us, get your device checked from service center or try resetting the phone. Let me tell you that already tried resetting the phone twice till now. And no update, 10 days left for completing 2months. Asus, you guys are now really annoying the users. I don't know whether the mods/devs reports the issues to upper level or not. But asus is now failing to provide solutions to their respective customers who spend lot of money in their devices thinking of that it is a good brand and will get proper services from customer service. Sad but true.

Any solution for disabling google photos. I'm not resetting phone any more. I've lot of work to do instead of disabling a single app again & again. Provide the solution or update for this problem asap. Thank you.

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