Game Genie Notification Whitelist, so Facebook Gaming Bubble Notification can be appears

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If no allert and no calls activated the Facebook bubble notification and other streaming notification like as nimo tv streaming application cannot be appears, but if those 2 button not activated, Facebook gaming bubble notification and other streaming application show up when the game starts. So my request since game Genie cannot support all streaming platform ( Facebook gaming, nimo tv, etc), please add whitelist bubble notification features or whitelist notification features so I can set a streaming platform application that can be appears when no alert and no calls button activated even you not support it in Game Genie.


  • What you can try is disabling all applications except Facebook/Nimo in the applications whitelist and disable 'No alerts' in game genie.

    Armoury Crate -> Console -> Connection whitelist

    Bear in mind that some unwanted notifications might still get through. Please let me know how it works by mentioning me in this thread.


  • I know the difference between Notification and Connection, may you didn't know :)

    Didn't you have one of ROG Phone 2 btw? You need to buy one of ROG Phone 2, Install Facebook Gaming and PUBG Mobile, Run PUBGM with Facebook Gaming, with Game Genie No Calls and No Alert turned on.

    Also do you really understand about bubble notification what I mean?

  • Look carefully at Facebook Live Button please.

  • This is so addicting, like all the other ones, but anyway I like this fireboy and watergirl forest temple on hudgames.

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