Asus ROG 2 Accessories

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I have rog 2 trencent version with fingerprint ww.

I am in AUS and purchased a twindock 2 for Aus $399.

The pricing for accessories are way to much and perhaps with the release of Rog Phone 3 you may want to factor that in.

The Nintendo switch, PS4 etc are cheaper than one of your accessories let alone all.. I do love this phone and owned rog 1 aswell but if next version isn't including some accessories at good price Asus won't be able to compete with handheld gaming as I will just buy another switch or a android device just for emulation with controls built in. Hope you at Asus think of this. I will be returning my twinview dock as doesnt allow apps to fullscreen (like LGs etc) and keyboard on bottom screen. Waste of $399 aus


  • Would like to know if the current twinview dock two software is going to be fixed for dualtasking with keyboard down dottom of screen. Also I do hope it will work with Asus ROG 3

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    No comment from Asus mod.. I think I'll switch to another dual screen phone next upgrade. As sounds like the twindock not being update via software and definitely not worth the money I paid for it. The most uncomfortable thing to hold and the software just does not back it up so anyone thinking of buying one think again

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