VoWifi Calling Issue after recent update

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Today I got new update of approx 185mb

After updating, some issues got solved like over heating, slow booting, slow charging, these issues seems solved

But new feature - Wifi calling is not working properly

I have 2 sims, 1. Jio, 2. Airtel

Only Jio sim is showing wifi calling option, its not available for second sim of Airtel

Second thing is its not working, its just showing wifi calling sign for few seconds on status bar then disappear & turns to VoLTE

Third strange issue is when my phone is on airplane mode than it sometimes shows VoWifi Sign in status bar even in airplane mode ! & guess what, I can make/receive calls on VoWifi in airplane mode

So when it is needed in normal mode it don't work & when there is no need in airplane mode it sometimes works forcefully

Check both screenshots

1. Is of airplane mode

2. Normal mode


  • Yours wallpaper looks cool,can you tell me where did you get them @d.7769004567

  • I downloaded it from Wallcraft app available in Play Store

  • I've been also using it , best app for wallpapers I must say . I suggest you to uninstall it as soon as it's work is done , it may take more juice from your battery without you noticing it . 👍

  • The VoWiFi support was just for one carrier but more will come. This is why you don't have it on both sims.

    The reason why the feature is only active sometimes is because it's very picky with how strong wifi signal needs to be before it's activated. Once active, the signal is allowed to drop quite low before it goes away. It also has to do with the amount of time spent at a specific signal strength so I understand if it feels like it's random. My recommendation is to walk over to your router and wait until you get the vowifi icon and then you can walk back to where you were. Hopefully it will stay.

  • Ok sir, my wifi router will be max 10sq foot away from my bedroom, it shows full range in icon, but I will try solution you said

    But sometimes it shows vowifi icon even in airplane mode & I am able to receive & make calls in airplane mode

    I had attached screenshot of it


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