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When will Asus Zenfone max pro m2 will get Android 10 update?The phone has many bugs and poor performance.Not to the expected level. All the phones launched with Max pro m2 has got Android 10 update. Still this phone hasn't received?


  • Ausu is becoming hope less day by day because it doesn't care about it's products and Customer's. I use to be tell everyone to purchase Asus products but now I would Rader say go to any other brand instead of Asus Zenfone or its products.

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    First of all Asus is completely incompetent with the updation matter since it has been more than 4 months for the beta version of Android 10 for Asus Zenfone Max Pro M2 and still it's building on it and more importantly most of other companies didn't go for beta version whereas directly published stable one and that's called as "consistently" in work. I really wish I could travel back in time and buy another phone but I cannot now Asus has promised for mid May let's see what it is capable off and this is the last chance for the companies trusts. Neither would I ever go with Asus laptops ever and ever in my lifetime.

  • When the android 10 stable update is given to the device Asus Zen fone max M2 please tell me as soon as possible

  • I dont think it will release in this week there are lot of bugs gallery app is not working ambient display is not there over heating issue finger print vibration is high in pubg no mic is working in mic and through normal and ringtone volume is too loo compared to old version asus plz doo needful about this bugs fix and release stable update as soon as possible

  • Users :- Asus please give android 10 update on Asus Max M2 device.

    Asus :- Sir please wait our team working about android 10 update related . Wait to end of May / June.

    🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Bro update update dena Ho to kohi asus se dekha .

  • It's waste to wait upcoming update. As I seen on max pro m1 update they definitely will give buggy software update.

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    Bugs inside the new updated beta version as mentioned above

    1. Sound quality has been degraded to worst.(this one is unbearable)

    2. Apps related to camera won't open sometimes (snap,insta, messenger), even sometimes the phone camera .

    3. Alarm sound has gone completely.

    4. Ringtone and other message alert sound are low.

    5. Screen freeze

    It's been high time, I will request asus to give a stable android 10 update when evryone is ready for android 11.

    Thank you.

  • They will not give Android 11 for both max pro m1 and m2. They announced officialy. Only asus zenfone 6z and rog phone get Android 11. If you want Android 11 jump to custom rom or you have to wait zenfone max pro m2 with buggy software

  • Mid ranges phones getting 2nd major update is rare. Except for Android One series. Except Pixel devices majority of android phones will get 2 major os updates(except for motorola). Forget about bugs sometime, Asus is doing good job by providing 2nd major os update. Kudos to Asus. Still angry on Asus, not fixing basic bugs.

  • I need android 10 update manually for Asus max pro M1

  • My suggestion is to switch to other mobile brands.

  • bro u have android security updates on 5 April 2020 ?? But were as I have on 5 December 2019 ???

  • When will we get the android 10 update

    Asus: sir, i have to inform you that our asus developer team is working on it and has not met our expectation . So we kindly request you to stay with us till the end of 31 dec, 2050 and will inform you as soon as we release it.

  • Version 409 means it's Max pro M2 . But Developer or Beta 2 release for Max pro M1.

  • Sir is zenfone max m2 will get android 10 update ?? That phone release with asus zenfone max pro m2.Can asus max m2 get update to android 10?? I hope your company do the best for that android 10 update.

  • Can i ask something.Is zenfone max m2 will get android 10 because it release same with asus zenfone max pro m2

  • Hi there, we understand the emotions of our users, our team is working towards giving Asus users a better experience with their devices and will continue to do the same. We request you to understand the process and stay tuned to our Official channels in the meantime.

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