Asus Max Pro M1 Stable Android 10 Update Review with Screenshots...



  • RiyazRiyaz Level 1

    I think we will never get native video calling support on Max Pro M1...!!!!😫😫😫

  • this is not a stable release developer version I think it makes sense to wait for the official version

  • Plz add Hd graphic in pubg mobile and sound issue are there

  • akhilas4121995akhilas4121995 Level 1
    edited May 2020

    What about the official update.. is it jus like how we installed developer version or it 2ill come as fota update??

    Will the developer version erase all the apps too??

    Should i install developer version or should i wait for the stable version?? Please reply..

  • Asus Zenfone max Pro m1

    Model no। XOOTD

    BULID। 063

  • mapparao1990mapparao1990 Level 1
    edited May 2020

    After android 10 update there is no wifi calling option for Airtel!

  • Not on max pro m1 any stock Android devices lacks it

    Ask Google when they will

  • Facing lag in video while doing video call on 2hatsapp.... I also checked it with Duo and it works fine with duo ..... Issue only with WhatsApp

  • This asus zenfone max pro m1 do support native carrier video calling but the company somehow managed to make the option disappear through software update.... They can enable it in android 10 update.... the ringing volume is very low almost 50% that of pie version..... And i think the equaliser is somehow linked with this sound quality and volume problem....... Battery performance has been degraded compare it with pie version........ The good point is all of these issues can be resolved with future software updates

  • Android 10 beta 2 version feedback reply

  • No don't update

    It is worst

    Less sound on speaker as compared to pie

    Camera interface clean but it is buggy to take pictures.

    Otherwise it is good

  • Asus Max Pro M1.

    I have updated to android 10 two days back.

    I'm facing the bluetooth problem with my wireless earphones. When I turned on and connect the wireless earphones, it connects and automatically bluetooth gets turned off. I tried even many times and after switch off and on phone the problem remains the same.

    Help me to solve this problem.


    I had this problem in pie. Upgraded to beta 1 android 10 and then downgraded back, the problem was gone.

    Ps: this is not a useful solution, may not work sometimes

    Try forgetting the device and pair again.

  • SushenaSushena Level 1

    Headphone audio quality is garbage so I would like to downgrade to android pie , pls someone help me!

  • basavaraj326basavaraj326 Level 1
    edited May 2020

    I think the software is in both m1 and m2 are same , but they r not updating any thing about m2...☹️☹️

  • Hell guys I face some issues after upgrading to built 424.

    1. The speaker sound quality is very hazzy ... Sound is louder then previous Android 9 but feels like speaker is in overload. 👎

    2. The audio quality of headphone / headphone jack is creepy, garbage . It's not lacking the base coz their is no base at all.

    My senhizer 180 headphones are good in enhancing the base but by using these headphones I clearly notice for unpresnce of base. 👎

    Actually in headphone sound is just like 40rs earphones ...😖

    For making sure I change the headphone . But the problem has same... 😕

    3. It seams like the brightness slider is not metered coz . After pulling the half way , brightness increases a very little change but after 70% on sliding bar than brightness level gets changing incrementally..🙄

    Thus it's not like metered correctly ...

    Rest of all gaming features are not optimize in this built. And also it's the main coz for the phone is not heating to much ..

    Yes the phone not getting the burning heat problem.👍

    So lastly any suggestions Boston! ,🤔

  • AxatpAxatp Level 1

    Hello all,

    Can I get the info about the update size of Android 10 downloaded by you.

    And can I get the screen shot of battery section in settings. As I want to know that they have provided the adaptive battery option in Android 10.

  • after getting android 10 battery drain faster device got heated easily while running light app

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