Feedback on TwinView Dock

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Hi, I have got myself a TwinView Dock for my Asus ROG Phone 2, and after some time of use, I am fairly happy with it as a companion device for my games on PC and as something I can distribute notifications or apps off my PC to the phone.

Here are my feedbacks for the accessory:

  1. Should give an option to always pop up soft keyboard on the phone even for apps on the dock screen.
  2. The hole near the phone holder, I assume it is used to hold the rubber cover we take off the side of the phone used for dual USB-C port, however the hole is big that it's too loose to hold the cover. I have already lost my first rubber cover for the dual port and am using a spare one. Perhaps next time a hole can be made at the side of the base used to hold the phone? Or somewhere in the middle which won't cause any issue to ventilation.
  3. Perhaps enhance the Armory app or give us a new app to simulate gamepad on the phone itself and let us, say, run Call of Duty mobile on the TwinDock display. Map those controls of the thumbstick and buttons as you would with AirTrigger onto the game screen.
  4. BatteryCare feature should also apply to the TwinView Dock itself. I notice the accessory will charge to 100% even with BatteryCare on while the phone itself is protected with the feature until end of schedule. Ever since I developed habit of caring for my batteries I also wish my dock's battery will also be protected.
  5. Give us the ability to turn off any one of the displays to conserve power of any one of those 2 devices. For example, turn off dock display if you want it to work like a pure power bank, or turn off phone screen and switch to dock view if you intend to save phone power and prefer drying up the dock first.


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