My Asus ZenFone 6 model Mobile is restarting again and again often after the Android 10 update!

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My Asus ZenFone 6 model Mobile is restarting again and again often after the Android 10 update! How do I rectify the issue?


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    Try factory reset or downgrading to Android P. But it's temporary, as I got another update and the phone started rebooting again. Now it's even worse for me, it just bootloops. Take it to service center if you want.

  • You should do the same. There's no reason why your phone shouldn't work with Q

  • Asus should take into consideration that people really do have problem since the stable Android 10 has been released.

    I have been on Android 10 since the beta started rolling out and I never had any issue with reboots. Since the phone was updated to Android 10 stable, phone started having reboot issue. The update seem to have triggered hardware issue, something similar to what happened when 16.1220.1906.167 update was released. I have tried both .63 and .68 versions of Android 10 stable. Both of them will freeze(black screen with a continuous beep sound) my phone and make the phone reboot. Imagine the phone rebooting 5-6 times in 30 mins.

    This phone is my daily driver and I can't go ahead and reset the phone each time when I get a new update. As of now my just bootloops.

    My first Asus 6z was faulty out of the box and my friends suggested me to get refund and go for OnePlus instead of replacement, but I had faith in Asus, so I got a replacement instead of refund. Now all I do is carry around an old spare phone with embarrassment.

  • I'm really sorry you've had this experience but it must be a coincidence that you started having problems when you upgraded to Android 10 because most of our users upgraded without any issues. I know it's no fun to hear but you need to reset your phone and if it doesn't help, then you need to contact our support

  • I have the same problem and it is funny to hear from you that ''most of our users upgraded without issues''

    I have still have that issue even that is my 3rd reboot.

    Every time i download my apps again and again...

    Could you please solve the problem???

  • Maybe there is a reason but maybe you can not find it haaa???

  • I was having the same problem. Today I saw this post

    I just downloaded the most recent firmware from

    And then followed the steps recommended:

    "1 download firmware (do not unzip folder because it's signed) 

    2 copy UL-ASUS_.... .zip file to SD card 

    3 power off your device 

    4 press vol+ and power keys

    5 press vol - key to choose Recovery mode

    6 press power key

    7 press vol- key to choose apply update from SD

    8 press power key and wait"

    And so far ... so good.

    I hope that helps.

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    I'm quoting myself here since I have the same problem:

    Attaching the logcat, too.

    I will soon downgrade the OS to Android 9 and if this doesn't work either... as much as I love my current phone I'll probably switch to OnePlus :(

    PS: I'm back to Android P and so far so good. I won't update soon for sure.

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    My asus is rebooting again and again..I am using this from 23 March 2020..I am having patience that it might get corrected by the faults..but one thing I must say that this was not expected from ASUS because I have used zenfone 2, zenfone 3 and zenfone 5..the all have given me a strong performance which made me believe that this is the worlds best cell phone company to be trusted but now 6z is making me to change my thinking...

    And this problem started after I updated my asus to android 10..

    Kindly do something regarding this hardware...I have waited 3 months for this cell phone...kindly pay attention towards your customers...

    Warm regards

    Sandeep Singh

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    You should do the same. There's no reason why your phone shouldn't work with Q

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