Bug in Asus 6z (automatically shuts down won't start easily)



  • Yeah, I really don't know. If it was crashing and getting back to the "home" screen I'd say there's a software issue but here it freezes, screen not responsive, flickers, goes blank and phone reboots systematically by itself. That's hardware and it's been confirmed by ASUS.

  • I understand where you are coming from, and that is a legitimately frustrating position to be in.

    I can't offer any resolution regarding the reseller, but I can get you in touch with my colleagues on the UK Support team. I have no way to help from the US, but perhaps they can offer a workable solution.

    I'll send you a PM.

  • It's disgusting that this issue has been going on for months and Asus are doing nothing about it. Yes, I've got too much time on my hands and yes, I'm going to keep bumping these to the top of the forums as long as Asus are pretending this isn't a common fault.

  • For every half hour or so my phone gets freezed and automatically turns off and gets on and off several times itself .even when I open camera instantly phone turns off.. recently I have been facing new issues with YouTube and MX player too..my phone's has become a shitty mess..I have even downgraded Android from 10 to 9,still the problem persists.

    Did I received a malfunctioned product ?is there an update coming from Asus regards this?

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    Which batch is your from?

    Can you check the mfg date(On the box)?

    Its probably a motherboard malfunction.Go to a Service Center

  • I have purchased in July 2019.My phone functioned pretty well in the begining until I have upgraded to Android 10.its even getting worse day by day,earlier my phone switched off when I opened camera app and then days later my YouTube screen turned black and I couldn't even play any video on my phone.Now it automatically freezes turns off itself and takes multiple attempts like 40-50 times to turn on.sometimes it takes two days to turn on and my phone displays white screen ( I have attached pic).

    have seen many other users discussing the same issue.

    Since it's default on manufacturer side to produce faulty motherboard, will I get my motherboard replaced at free of cost?

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    I'm having the same problem. This is outrageous. I don't think they realise how many customers they've lost...

    I just cannot wrap my head around how they sell an utterly broken phone. With no remorse whatsoever.

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    Yup, just like you said. And it's not even that much the issue in itself, but more how it's being dealt with. Here in the UK, it was horrendous.

    I didn't care to come back here and update on the situation, I am so fed up with Asus UK/Europe, but I personally finally managed to get it picked up and sent to a repair center in Poland, during times of lockdown accross several countries, and when it came back fixed, the back panel of the phone was slightly damaged at the bottom (that's where they usually insert the blade to start removing the panel), and not properly glued back in place, not properly aligned... I was gutted but this all situation and process had taken so much time... technical support wanted me to send it back yet again, I didn't want to take the risk to be without a phone for many moire weeks, especially in these unusual times. I asked if I could return it later after we all return to normal, was told that I couldn't, that if I was to wait they'd assume I damaged it myself.

    I understand the process here but once again they showed us they can't adapt to unexpected events and make life easier, or even just normal for their customers.

    So in short, I bought a brand new phone, used it with the annoying rebooting issue for about 2 months, then haven't been able to use it for about 3 months and now have a phone that I paid full price, with a back panel damaged and not even properly aligned to the frame, and I'm not even going to mentioned potentially stressed components inside, since only the motherboard was replaced, not even the battery, although it did overheat during the rebooting loops... (cpu-z showed me temperatures up to 90°c after long rebooting loops, don't tell me it doesn't have an impact).

    I'm not even mentioning the seller here, which ignores customers as well as the law and shouldn't be allowed to trade in the UK...

    I've lost time and money in the process, and the only thing I can do: while I initially intended to keep it for years, like my previous one (7 years), instead I'll sell the phone (less than it's worth since you can definitely see it's been opened) before the end of the warranty, and never ever buy a Zenfone ever again.

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    Thanks for coming back to this page Idaho! Since the Asus customer service barely responds to our inquiries, at least you did.

    I'm from Europe as well, so I guess if I manage to reach them, I will have a similar experience to yours.

    Would you please tell me how you contacted them? Emails, etc. Every piece of information would be extremely valuable. Thanks in advance!

    PS: Otherwise I think the phone is amazing and I'm just disappointed how close it was to being one of the best phones quality-wise and price-wise. It really had a potential...

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    @LP_ASUS , on page 2 of this thread gave me contact details for the UK, and I ended up using a mix of these methods, mainly chat and emails since my phone wasn't quite working...

    Just now that EU Consumer rights specify that you're meant to deal with the seller first, and not the manufacturer when you have issues with a device under warranty. But in my case, the seller was an absolute nightmare to deal with (Laptop Outlet Ltd. , official reseller for ASUS in the UK), which is why it got complicated.

    If you just want it "fixed" (i.e. get the motherboard replaced), just contact ASUS and they'll get someone to pick up your device at home, send it to a repair center and will deliver it back to you once it's repaired. Delays depend on how much stock they have when it comes to parts... which wasn't quite great a few weeks ago because of the virus...

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    Well even I have started to face this issue now, since couple of days after long use of the phone suddenly the cellular network is lost and sim slot fails to detect the sim card and the toggle icon keeps on toggling as the cell network is detected and then lost again. In between all of this the phone freezes and restarts and during restart the backlogt goes dim and phone restarts again...

    This happened to me 2 times, yesterday night and the day before. Today when I woke up the phone was not ON, i tried turning on the phone but it was not starting up, tried plugging in the charging cable the red notification light didn't turn on.

    After about 10 mins I tried powering on the device and there I saw low battery icon, immediately put the phone on charging... Phone did boot up before restarting 3 times during the boot up process.

    Is this some kind of hardware issue ? Do I need to go to service center for motherboard replacement ? Is there any way to find out if my 6z has hardware issue or not ?

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    So after this above post, my phone started and worked for about 8-9 hours and then in the evening it switched off again before giving the same sim card not being detected for 10-20 times and the toggle button going on/off. When I kept the phone aside to cool down and check after an hour the phone didnt start after multiple tries but when it finally booted up it went in a boot loop. I some how managed to turn off the phone by pressing volume (+) button + power key to go into fast boot mode and Power Off the device but after that my phone didn't boot at all.

    As this phone is my daily driver I rushed to the service center the next day, fortunately the service center was open amid COVID-19 lockdown, When I submitted my phone, the phone was not booting up but was a bit warm not sure why. When I got my phone back after like 4-5 hours the Product Service Form had "Action Taken" as "MB Replaced" and "Spare Part" as "MB replaced, working fine all test pass". The guy on the service desk said that Mother board wasn't receiving power due to which the device wasn't booting up. I got my phone back on 7th July same day I submitted my phone with Mother board replaced.

    After a day, I have updated the phone to the latest patch and now it seems to be working fine, hopefully I wont face this issue again. My only concern here is the IMEI number and the SN number didn't change at all. If the mother board was changed shouldn't the IMEI number change too ?

    When I check the RMA repair status online on : www.asus.com/support/repair-status-inquiry/

    I get this result: "The system can't find records of your inquiry!"

    Was the mother board of my device actually changed or did they just open the device found something wrong fixed it and claimed the mother board was replaced ?

  • If you provide me with your RMA number, I may be able to look up the repair records. Not sure if I have access to India's systems but I can take a look.

  • Hi Asus support team,

    I purchased Asus 6z phone from Flipkart on 10-Aug-2019. After 3 months of usage, i faced phone's auto Turn off & restart issues multiple times.

    Then i logged complaint (Service No=A1911100130). That time, this issue resolved after an OTA Software update & phone was performing well until last week.

    During last 2 days, my phone was again turning off automatically multiple times in a day & i had to power it ON manually. I called Asus service center Regenersis India, Bangalore yesterday & they suggested me to Reset the phone & visit service centre on Monday 10-Aug.

    But today morning, the Phone has turned off again & it is not at all powering ON now.

    During Covid-19 situation & pregnant wife at home, i can not take a risk to travel to Asus service center which is 30 kilometres far from my home.

    Tomorrow is the last day of my phone's warranty & i am really disappointed and clueless about this problem's resolution.

    Please help me & suggest - What should i do now?

  • I too started facing this issue after the recent updates. Its switching off automatically and sometime it won't restart, this is for the fast time i am facing this issue with asus. Its really irritating and killing me.

  • Asus using cheap quality parts like motherboard and other parts.

    Many people facing motherboard issue.

    I am also facing restart issue.

    Wrost company asus. Wrost layman developer.

    Don't buy Asus product.

    Rog3 user also started facing issue.

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