Screen burning due to pubg

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hi guys,

anyone here know how to fix screen burn issue, I have got a light impression of the details from the game on my screen.

alive and dead on one corner

similarly bag and stuff in other corner.

this is really annoying


  • PowerCatPowerCat Level 1

    Replacing the screen is the only option.

  • mayurkothiya12mayurkothiya12 Level 1
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    Same here bro on my phone screnn most of controls hard impressions no solution foung used burn screen repair video nothing happened

  • Same with me too. So many pubg icons are being displayed 😔. Does the screen burn in comes under warranty? My mobile is still in warranty

  • Yes same problem with my rog 2 also.

    PUBG icons are evidently visible under Blue background.

    Icons which are claerly visible: BAG icon, GUNS, ALIVE, KILLED, CHAT BUTTONS, Emote etc

    I have tried many screen burn repair but those doesn't works. Seems only service center is the last option

  • Yes bro i too facing same prob with my rog 2

    Worst quality ...😔

  • ronald1985ronald1985 Level 5

    Screen burns cannot be fixed using software. Therefore, you should take your device to a service centre.

  • Happens with all OLEDs

    Every OEM forum is filled with burn in complains

    Burn in is a downside of an OLED panel

    The only temporary solution rn is (more like prevention):

    Don't use phone at high brightness for larger durations (especially not with static images for example game layouts as you guys have with pubg)

    Burn in is basically dead pixels and it's an hardware thing your only hope is to visit a service centre

    Micro LEDs should become a thing now imo

    Best of both worlds (LCDs and OLEDs)

    LCDs have retention too but it's temporary

  • And before any of you comments "but this is a gaming phone" I'd like to add that yeah this sure is a gaming phone and these phones are made for peak performance for longer durations without throttling then you have various other goodies like rgb,air triggers, accessories, gaming related software stuff etc

    Things like "gaming battery, gaming display" don't exist this sure has a high hz refresh rate panel with a very good touch sampling rate,big battery compared to other phones but that doesn't mean the components don't have a end limit

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