Asus Zenfone Max Pro M2 stuck on asus logo suddenly



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    Woooww ...what a company...well done don't have courtesy to apologise here that tells how comitted you are. I think this is not the first time you are making this mistakes. Latest zenfone 6z had the same issues and you have burnt many motherboards the world knows. one time this thing happened to me and i had to change the motherboard god thank that time I had a warranty.Asus what a diaster you are doing to the customers ....why don't you change ....all time bugs bugs bugs.. I have decided not to buy any asus products and I recommend the same to you guys. Better unlock your bootloader and install the custom rom which is way better than this shitty rom.Atleast you don't loose your motherboard. For your information asus has removed this mobile from thier website this tells a lot about this mobile .Asus go to hell for burning lots of our pockets ...

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    I am facing the same situation the service center should wave the amount

  • if it turns out to be the motherboard problem,then it will be the disaster

    Click on the link and choose option 1 spare part price list

    Check the price of motherboard from asus for max pro m2, and the funny thing is here the motherboard cost is more than the new smartphone itself

  • My phone got switchoff suddenly and now I am trying to on it , its getting stuck at Asus logo and if trying to reboot it , it stuck there also. Not moving ahead from asus logo in both conditions. Any suggestion or idea how to factory reset the phone and to get back the phone in working condition. due to lock down i couldnt give it to service also tried to unlock using adb minimal unlocking its not unlocking simply restarting and again stuck on logo please help anybody

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    I am also facing the same issue from 3rd may night, I also tried a lot but not able to do any thing. I read out each and every comment on this talk, if it's ASUS mistake then they needed to fix this either replacing the motherboard or install Firmware. They have to fix this. This is issue from 1 month and they did not provide any solution.

  • BijiBiji Level 1

    Bro same Problem the service centre people saying the logic board is gone and it worth about ₹10,000. I am really hate Asus now 😠😠😠

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    Bro, It's the same problem many of them are facing. Very soon all max Pro M2 phones will get switched off and either we need to pay 10 - 15k to replace motherboard or buy new phone.

    I think Asus won't take this big risk to waive off the fees and retain the customers.

  • My Asus Max Pro m2 switching off while call or sometimes when kept idle. Also battery shows sudden up and downs without connecting phone for changer.

    Recently I have updated my phone for latest update on last week of April.

    Please provide me solution.

  • Hi

    I too have similar issues , in my case the battery was bulged, so now replacing battery . So check your battery.

  • saeed121saeed121 Level 1

    IFinally i found the problem...with solution..the solution we have to pay to technician for Rs 2000 ....then they will replace our emmc and fix it ...2 nd solution is through UFI Box with I S P method emmc format....2nd solution comes with Rs1000 of my friend has just fixed it through technician..they took Rs 1500 from my friend as a charge to fix it...The problem occurs die to 0.73 OTA Update comes with bug which has blocked the partition of our emmc ..thats y we cannot flash it....Hate on you Asus...I would never recommend anybody to buy the asus comes with so many do not wait those who had already been out of warrnty go to technician and fix it...And wait those who still are in under warrnty....

    And Asus service centre only they have the solution by replacing with new one motherboard...coz they dont use ISP and UFI Method they will fix it by change the motherboard...

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    Brother can you explain it in detail the second method

  • Nilesh13Nilesh13 Level 1

    And where are you from

  • saeed121saeed121 Level 1

    In second can be fix through UFI Box and A jumper Adapter which is used to connect with I S P method..bro if are a technician do it...but if u are not...then u should visit to technician to fix it ...they open ur phone back cover and I S P pinout through the technician will reprogramme your emmc..its Embaded Multimedia Card...

  • So you fixed the device by local technician instead of asus authorised service center

    after that did you received any fota update?

  • sadashivsadashiv Level 1

    Thanks @saeed121 , at least some solution works for less price. I was worried and looking for new phone. Asus it's really shame to you to giving trouble at this time.

  • ssaha255ssaha255 Level 1

    My phone is also stuck on ASUS logo From yesterday. My phone was completely okay. I never tried to do anything with my phone.

    My phone was updated just a few days back. The OTA update was .073

    There was no other issues. My phone suddenly rebooted and stucked on ASUS logo.

    Also I'm not able to enter the recovery mode . Somehow I managed to turn off the device.

    Please help me ASAP.

  • saeed121saeed121 Level 1

    Yeah i fixed it through local technician..And now i will use custom rom without unlckng would be better than custom rom which comes with so many bugs...

  • saeed121saeed121 Level 1

    Around two or three days it would be done by technician...they will reprogramme your emmc and then u can use your phone again ...

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