Zenfone 5z not switiching on or charging

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Hi Friends,

I use a zenfone 5Z (ZS620KL), 128 gb storage with 6 gb ram.

Today it fell from my bed which is about 2 feet from the ground. However after that it stoped working completely. Neither not getting charged. There is a notification light which turns on when it's put on charge. However its too not functioning.

A case similar to this had happend earlier few months back. I had taken the phone to the asus service center which was in warenty. The engineer took my phone in in 5 minutes returned the phone and told that the phone had gone in sleep mode now its ok.

I tried pressing the volume down button + power button few times but noting helped to boot in.

I request you guys to please help me to fix this at home as due to lock down in the country, there is no chance of fixing this. Zenfone was my primary phone.

Any help will be highly appreciated.


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