Android 10 in two days?



  • I am not defending Asus. You should know that at first place. I am just telling a true fact that in this situation every other brands are delaying A10 push. Thats where I said that even Nokia is also doing the same because I was waiting for my Mom's Nokia 5.1 plus to receive A10 by end of April but they also just pushed late security patch of April.

    I never support any brand blindly, Neither I oppose any brand desperately. We all are waiting to have Android 10 at the earliest but some people are demanding it like they have some important task to do which could only be done on Android 10 platform!!

    I don't want to argue with anyone either because we are here to help each other, report bugs to Asus, criticize Asus. I am also unhappy with Asus on many aspects. But if people keep opposing them on every aspect, then they should continue doing so, no one is stopping them.

    All I had to say that in this particular regard, its not just the Asus, but more or less other brands are too making some delays and taking time. Otherwise we all know that Asus still going to give us Android 10 with tons of bugs, be it they release it today or 20 days later.

  • "but some people are demanding it like they have some important task to do which could only be done on Android 10 platform" - I agree and that is hilarious. But what I've experienced, it's pathetic and I would never recommend anyone an Asus budget phone.

  • Yeah.. absolutely agree with that. Thats why I didn't even buy a new Asus for my Mom instead went for a Nokia device.. My experience with Asus went down day by day only because I bought this Max Series phone just to have a better battery life on day to day use but after Pie Upgrade, it never looked like a 5000mAh battery at all. Asus is ruining its own ground and manu of its older users too are now looking for other brands which are better on software aspects. Instead of fixing previous well reported bugs, they kept on bringing newer ones and the latest trend is .073 (for Max Pro M2) and .061 (for Max Pro M1), which caused broken device stuck at bootloop for as many as 100 users during lockdown..!! Those 100s are them who were able to notify about the issue on Zentalk, I am afraid there are so many others who couldn't and currently having headache and nightmares with their dead phones. Pathetic..!!

  • orinorin Level 1

    lol... :D 29-4-2020. congratulation. zenfone max pro m2. here update to downgrasw to-9.

  • Hi there, we understand the emotions of our users, our team is working towards giving Asus users a better experience with their devices and will continue to do the same. We request you to understand the process and stay tuned to our Official channels in the meantime.

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