Unsolved issues til date and things to consider in ROG Phone 3

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After updating the phone to the latest version A10 and version WW_17.0230.2002.32_0.

These are the gaming important issues unsolved.

1) 3.5mm headphone jack port is still bugged in game, when I connect the headphones through the 3.5mm on the side port (where the fan is connected) I can hear "perfectly" the audio as long as the mic is DISABLED, If I enable mic in game (PUBGM) the audio switches to speaker, it only works if I connect the headphones to the rear port(audio and mic) , so I cannot charge and put headphones from the side port where the fan is connected. This doesn't happen with USB C headphones. If I connect USB C headphones on the side port I can listen and talk without issues but I cannot charge the phone. So now to play without interruptions on the sides while in landscape mode I cannot charge and listen at the same time. To test go in game any mode, connect the headphone to the 3.5mm side jack port and then enable the mic and you will see that the audio goes to the speaker instead of the headphones.

Huge important problem to me, since playing without interumptions while using headphones and charging is one of the main reasons of buying this phone to me. I can't post links of videos yet.

2) AudioWizard is only working on the headphones connected on the USBC headphones for games only, if I connect 3.5mm headphones the audio wizard setup is bypassed.

3)COD Mobile keeps freezing on all modes, this only happens on the Asus on my experience which is why I can only play the game on the Samsung Note 10+ which never freezes to me.

4) The screen has formed thumbs mark changing a bit the texture or coating, the screen is now weird to me.. I've asked and they told me that I should've used a screen protector, really? On a "gaming" phone?. See attached pictures, even I cleaned very well the screen with fibercloth and lens cleaner and you can see the difference, even the marks catch fingerprint where the rest of the screen doesn't.

My ROG Phone 2 is the 1TB version.

Please let me know if this is going to be addressed.

Many post claim that these are issues for the game, but then why only on the rog? And if that's the case then there's no sense in buying a special gaming phone if all issues will fall on the game's responsibility, if I'm PUBG or COD I wouldn't work too much on a community(ASUS-ROG) that's small in comparison with Apple and Samsung users which does not present such issues.

The USB-C / 3.5mm jack is a software issue, audio wizard and mic-audio only wor perfectly on the USBC not the 3.5mm

Thanks, Andres.

You can tell the liquid stuck at the marks.


  • I have a very good video demonstrating the issue with the 3.5mm but I cannot post links or upload videos over here. I can only use the bult in camcorder so I will record the video.

    You can see the audio & mic works on the headphones when it's connected on the rear, on the side only works if mic is disabled. Again this only happens with the 3.5mm headphones or port.

  • 1) Does the issue persist when you change earphones? It might be a hardware issue with your fan, which would be something for your local Asus support to have a look at.

    2) Are you only experiencing this issue with the aeroactive cooler or also with them bottom 3.5mm jack?

    3) WW_17.0230.2002.32_0 should have fixed this, as reported by other users. Are you still experiencing this issue with the latest update?

    4) This is something best handled by your local Asus support.


  • Do u use oil to make fingers smooth for playing games or it may be sweat .

    This problem won't occur when u use thumb sleeves to play games .

    If it's oil then don't apply it as it can increase screen temp at that specific liquid area which makes the glass turn 🌈 colour .


  • RailiusRailius Level 1

    1) Yes

    2) with the aeroactive cooler is the only way to plug the 3.5mm on the side. from the 3.5mm bottom works perfect but it's uncomfortable to play like that. we are supposed to play with eveyrthing plugged on the side.

    3) as of now it is upgraded to the latest update and it still persists.

    4) I guess.. but where I am traveling it was already hard to get this phonee since they only ship it to certain countries.

    With the lack of support regarding any issue there's no point in upgrading, all of this problems are solved by buying another endgame phone and using a USB - C extension with 3.5 and charging port, It is a bit uncomfortable but at least its a brand that would update, answer to issues, and in the worse case be repaired anywhere.

    I just came back to this post to see if someone even saw my post and found your answer. But the main reason I came here it's because I have another problem when using Live Broadcast it stops due to "Memory is running out. Recording has been stopped". So.. trying to find a solution but i dont think I will find it.

    Thanks for your comments.

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