Voice over LTE/Wi-Fi Calling on ROG Phone 2

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Can anyone explain why voice over LTE isn't enabled by default on this phone? Or even Wi-fi calling? I live in an area where the 3G signal is pretty low and I miss about 90% of my calls. I found a code on XDA where I can enable the setting, but it disappears after a reboot. I've attached a screenshot that shows the setting that's enabled after the code is entered. It's the "Enhanced 4G LTE Mode" Also, the Wi-Fi calling and Carrier video calling gets enabled as well. I even have a T-mobile micro tower sitting on my desk and I still miss calls.


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    Update ur phone. Both VoLTE and VoWIFI is working fine for me.

    It's enabled in new update

  • I did update my phone, today even.

  • This is what happens after reboot.

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    This is market related. India has it. I don't know who else does but I don't have it as well. And I believe I will not have it on this phone ever. I guess we will have to live with it.

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    Can't say much about that don't have airtel sim.

    But as u mentioned it already working fine for jio.

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    This is a totally Asus issues.

    I'm very sure my SIM card is voLTE activate as I verified with my carrier. Using Samsung will have my voLTE work but not Asus. I had actually contacted Asus and their respond is NOT SUPPORTED for Singapore.

    It's really up to their mercy to do it for us. This seems to relates to the IMS Registration. Press #*#*4636#*#*

    Go to phone information. Click the top right and see under IMS Status.

    Asus need to work with carrier to get Asus device to be provisioned.

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    same problem with zenfone 6 users on t-mobile. no volte or wifi calling. i've missed several important calls and some texts and no real explanation on why they won't enable it in the US. with 2g and 3g slowly shutting down, with no volte, these phones will be pretty much useless as phones.

  • what about the carrier video calling option which the device says you need to download google dialer app for that?

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    Please @Anders_ASUS @CH_ASUS enable VoLTE for TIM Brazil

    With this code VoLTE works normally with TIM Brazil, please enable officially!


  • And the coup de grâce for this phone, with the 3G shutoff at the end of the year, this phone will no longer be viable. A $900, year old phone will be a nothing more than a wi-fi enabled gaming device.

    I reached out the T-mobile support via Twitter and was told there's nothing that could be done and I was basically SOL.

    And the fact that I have a micro-tower sitting on my desk that provides 3G signal and the phone still can't accept 80% of phone calls/texts unless it's sitting in just the right spot on my desk.

  • In Brazil, low level Samsung smartphones has VoLTE, super powerfull ROG II not!!!! Unbelievable!

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