After the Last update of Asus Rog 2 heating of phone has gone haywire.

Android 9 was not smooth thanks to android 10 everything is very smooth now..... but it came at a heavy cost..... battery drain and heating issue.... i used to play pubg at ultra settings and my temprature was used to go max 44°c but after A10 update in same settings it going till 49° so i made setting to medium and now temperature came to 37-39° c but again after last update at medium its going to 45 °c ..... i dont understand what is the benifit of purchasing a gaming phone if i have to play a game in lowest of settings.please fix the temperature control.


  • Yes i also noticed. When charging also it heats up a lot. Need to fix this asap @Anders_ASUS @CH_ASUS @Kris_ASUS

  • Yes I'm facings same problem regarding heating and battery also not upto mark

  • aljayaljay Level 1

    Same. 47° on (high performance 60fps) Sky: Children of the lights.

  • You may all share some detail about

    1. What's the ambient temperature when your device reach this system temperature?
    2. Which game are you playing
    3. What settings do you have in the game
    4. What settings do you have in Armoury Crate
    5. For how long do you need to play to reach this temperature
    6. Are you charging while you play the game
  • Let me clear it out few issue for you.

    After having video call in whatsapp your audio gets bassy and after restart of phone it fixed.

    any game playing in 90fps or 120fps with default armoury settings get the heating to 44-46 normally.

    even pubg with 60fps takes the temperature to 44 normally or more.

    listening music in speaker with any game increase the temperature by 2-4° everytime.

    even playing games in loudspeaker makes temperature rise by 2-4°. If we cannot play a game in loudspeaker then what is the benifit of front firing speakers.

    I have noticed some lag after upgrading to 2002.32 and its the same after upgrade to 2002.60 be honest my screen froze for 3-4 seconds while i was typing this. dont know the reason when and what conditions but it happens and very random and intermittent. things freeze for few seconds and every backs to normal then in few seconds.

    Hope the temperature issue gets fixed in next update. because thats the biggest pain right now.

    Battery life is awesome when not playing games.around 11 hours of continues video play and consumed 60-70 percent battery. so hats off for that.

    but with games it has degraded as compare to A9. previously i was able to play nearly 5 hours and now its 3-4 hours.


    Amit Paul.

  • updating after few hour of gaming in 2002.60 latest update released on 12 may 2020..... it might have brought back the gaming experience to its old glory..... heating has reduced after the last update..... pubg in its maximum settings only heating upto 44 now like it was in A9 previously and other game like injustice2 in 120hz is now stick around 40° so its a improvement....will give another review after few days of playing games in hot weather condition to check heat dispersel as i played in night and normal temperature.

  • Same issue after update you can feel heat on side metal border....i am playing pubg in air conditioner still i can feel frame metal heat... playing HD extreme no change in armory create

  • OPCOPC Level 4

    Freezing when typing it's a bug of Chrome. I solve it by closing the keyboard (arrow facing down in the bottom left corner in the screenshot)

  • When will heating issue of asus rog phone 2 solve.Give an another update which lower the heating issue.

  • After recent update of asus rog phone 2 it's heating too much and my charging cable damaged during charging.fix this heating plm asap.

  • let me add few things again...

    video recording failed .... new issue after the update... which used to get fix after clearing google cache and data but not working anymore.

    phone is way cooler than before the last update but get very hot in not airy conditions .... a bit better than before but still half way ... gets hotter randomly after around 15-30 minutes of gameplay... but temperature is fixed to max of 45 deegre which is a comparision to 49 deegre.

  • Carlo GCarlo G Level 1

    I also experience this even not on gaming. My phone is in 36°c right now and i can slightly feel the heat in the side metal. This is not happening on my other Android device "note 10" now i felt regret buying this retail on store

  • Hi Team,

    Any update on Heating issue??

  • still with the latest update no fix on heating issue..... why all the shitty issue are getting fix but the major issue of heating is unseen by asus team for months..... nothing done on this since march A10 update..... very disappointed with the engineering team.... never gonna recommend asus mobile in terms of software......

  • KanuKanu Level 2

    I'm waiting for the warranty period to get over and then I'll install a custom rom. This software is just not up to the mark.

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