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My system freezes once per day every day. I can't do anything but restart the whole phone. I'm a proud owner of ZenFone MAX Pro (M1), 4GB RAM, 64GB internal space. I got it as a Christmas gift and turned it on the very first time on Dec 23rd 2018, so it's turned a year in my hands already.

I included a bug report from one of those freezes, when I somehow got over that huge system-wide freeze. Hopefully this will get a patch, or at least gets solved soon, it's quite annoying when you watch a video and all of a sudden, notification about taking a screenshot from over 8 hours ago appears on top of screen, letting you know the freeze has started.


  • Have you tried performing a hard reset from the "Recovery Menu"?

  • No, I didn't, but it's planned on this evening. Thanks for advice

  • Its always better to perform a hard reset before approaching service center. Take a full backup of your internal storage files and perform the wipe data operation from the Recovery Menu. It might fix your issue of UI freezing.

  • Okay, so I resetted my phone like 20 minutes ago, and got a system UI freeze again, this time with functional touch, so I could actually answer that dialogue window I got. So it seems like the latest update started being faulty, or it's related with phone age (which isn't very presumably). How to solve this? I'm not going to reset it once again, you can see the results already.

  • No need to perform reset operation again. Are you on the latest .063 version?

  • My comment can't appear for some reason. No, I'm not running the latest version, but version .061. Tried to look for system updates through settings, but couldn't find one.

  • If that is what you meant, then no, I'm not running .063. I also tried to look for new system update, but couldn't find one.

  • Is the build number the answer? If yes, then no, I'm not running .063 version.

  • Hi dvalko395.dv,

    Sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused.

    Please try the latest firmware (WW-16.2017.2004.063) with manual update.

    Manual Update Guide

    ZB602KL Firmware Spot

    If the problem still appears, please provide the information below so that we can better assist you.

    1. The frequency of system freezing per day

    2. Please tell us whether this problem appears when using any apps or during any parts of the system.

    Thank you.

  • Apparently, that was the only system UI freeze I've experienced since the reset, so I guess it fixed my issue. I might try and update it as well, even though I have no experience with stuff like this, therefore no idea whether it'll wipe my data or no. Thanks a lot for help, I appreciate that.

  • Glad to know that performing hard reset fixed your issue. But as you are on .061 version, and you still didn't get the FOTA notification of the latest .063 version, you should install the same manually. I can guide you on that and let me tell you that installing Firmware updates manually doesn't wipe any user data.

    To update the .063 version manually, follow the below mentioned steps

    1. Copy the following link and paste it to your browser and download will instantly start. You may download it on your mobile browser too. Make sure you have high speed net available with you. If you want to download it over mobile data, then its recommended to download it after 2:00 am at night when mobile data congestion is less so that you'd get better speed.
    2. The link is ->
    3. Once download is over, go to your file manager and from the "Download" folder, move the downloaded zip file to your root directory of the internal storage. Do not open or extract or rename the zip file at all.
    4. Once moving to internal storage is done, wait for 5 to 10 seconds or simply restart the phone once and you will see update notification is showing up at the notification bar.
    5. Simply tap on that notification and your manual installation will start happening. Let it install. Once its done, your phone will restart automatically.

    After rebooting, go to settings -> system -> about phone -> scroll down to the bottom -> check build number. It should show the version build number with .063.

    It would be better idea to perform "Wipe Partition Cache" operation from the Recovery Menu once after the manual installation of the Firmware. It would eliminate the junk files from the previous Firmware version which may cause conflicts.

  • I've checked my system updates in settings a few minutes ago before coming here, and it found the latest update. Thanks a lot for help again. Now to test this version out, I'll need a couple of days, so I'll be sure those nasty freezes won't appear again.

  • Awesome that you got the FOTA indeed upon checking the system update. It made your joh easier.. 😊

    Yeah, sure. Keep using and keep checking the phone for next couple of days. If you could, go to the Recovery Menu once and perform the "Wipe Partition Cache" operation once and reboot after that. Let us know the result after couple of days.. 👍🏻👍🏻

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