R.I.P. ZenTalk

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I don't know why Zentalk was changed that way. The old forum had many flaws and I expected them to be fixed, but instead a new forum was created that was anything but informative and useful. Instead of the phone model sections, there are separate common sections for each generation and variety - Zenfone 4, Zenfone 5, Zenfone Max, etc. All the different Zenfone Max models, for example, are put in one section and you have no chance of finding anything useful for your particular model, except by accident.

Therefore, I have to say goodbye to what Zentalk has become! And maybe to ASUS too...


  • i Agree with you ...

    I love old Zentalk, but for new Zentalk i think it's not bad at all.

    i just can hope soon as possible zentalk region of indonesia to immediately release.

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    It wasn't changed

    This zentalk was created alongside Zenfone 6's launch

    Further down the line Rog 2 section was added and an fan chat section (which was mostly used for the Zenfone 5z)

    It's just that they disbanded the older one and moved the Max pro and other Zenfone users to this new zentalk

    The older one was "out of style" to best put it ,the styling and all was just so old I personally find this zentalk much better both in terms on UI and functionality

  • Does ASUS really respond to what we are typing here or we are talking among ourselves. Because i created few threads no response from any ASUS team.

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