[Help!] I lose internet during phone calls. Why?

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I wanted to share with you guys one problem I'm having with my ROG 2 that I also used to have with my old phone (OnePlus 5T).

The problem I'm having is that whenever I'm having a regular phone call, instantaneously I loose internet connection (4G). Why does that happen?

Thanks in advance.

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  • This has got to do with Voice over LTE (VoLTE) which may not be enabled. This has something to do with your Carrier/Service provider not supporting the ROG Phone ll.

    Read my thread

    This is was stated on my Carrier/Service provider website. So I believe the same thing is happening to other people from the US and other countries.

    4G network is a mobile data network, hence, normal voice calls are currently supported on 3G. Only 4G ClearVoice (VoLTE) customer using supported handset will be able to enjoy HD voice calls on our 4G network

  • But a friend of mine has a OnePlus 5T and can use the internet while in a phone call (while I couldn't with my old 5T). I guess it's my Carrier.

  • VoLTE allows you to do so, without volte u can't use internet while calling.

  • I lose data on mine as well if I get a phone call. I am using Google Fi and every time I make a call or get one. It switches from 4G to H. I only have one sim card inserted.

    This also happened on my Pixel 2 XL using Software Sim on Google Fi.

    The only time I can access data and call at the same time is when I am on WiFi. Since Google Fi supports WiFi calling.

  • Im not too sure but if you are not using VoLTE then this is normal. While in a call your phone switches to the call only bandwidth and cuts off the data connection and then after your call it switches again.

  • roaming setting should be active (on) if you want still online during phone call :)

  • Good catch. I found this out only when my bank wanted to simultaneously text a security code while on a voice call.

    Sorry I have no solution.

    FYI I've LTE Off, to minimize dropped network signal.

    PS many callees tell me my voice is garbled, even though I hear them well.

    PS2 I'm also noticing momentary network signal loss upon entering indoors.

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    Roaming means that if you go to another country you can use your phone on foreign networks.

  • I know it, but that feature can be solution for this case :)

    Just try it 😂

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