Very small font size in apps on ScreenPad 2.0

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  1. System: Win 10 home
  2. Battery or AC: Both
  3. Model: Zenbook-14-UX434FL
  4. Frequency of occurrence: Always
  5. Reset OS: Not required
  6. Screenshot or video: Attached


Detailed description:The font size is very small which makes the SCREENPAD useless at all! Whereas the videos given by ASUS on youtube about screenpad usabilty show large fonts some how in the apps opened on the screenpad. I am attaching some pics too. Other users are also welcomed to comment if they also face the same problem. For now, Screenpad is a useless piece of display for me. I turned it on after 6 months and disappointed even today. Please help me out for increasing the font size.


  • If you go into Windows Settings —> System —> Display, you should be able to select the ScreenPad and then adjust the Scale. This will make the text on the screen larger or smaller depending on what you choose.

  • Hello asgautam35,

    Thank you for your feedback.

  • I have already set it to 175%(max available option). The pics attached are @175% adjustment scale. If there was an option for 250% or 300%, it could have solved my problem. Any other suggestions?

  • Hmm...the only other thing that I can think of to verify is the resolution for the ScreenPad. If the resolution isn’t correct, that could cause issues too, but it sounds like you’re already on top of that, so, sorry, I’m out of ideas at this point.

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    Try reducing the resolution of screen pad to 1000*500.

    Go to screenpad settings > screenpad resolution

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    Try installing screenpad optimization tool from the MyAsus app and try again after installation. If it's not optimized, it will be still 1080p not 500p

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