Current bugs in Android 10 WW

3ntr0pia3ntr0pia Level 1
edited September 2020 in ROG Phone 2

I don't know if everyone has them but they still appeared to me after the update to Android 10

1. the notification remains that there is a system update even if it is not already updated

2. streaming on twitch no longer work, after 5 minutes of live on twitch an error # 1000 appears to the spectators and they can no longer watch, this error does so only with the streaming mode of the rog phone 2 because if I live with an external app (streamlabs)does not create this problem. but I can't use external apps because I can't capture internal audio

3. the problems with mobile call of duty have increased dramatically, if before it was enough to restart the game to be able to finish the game now it must be restarted several times during the game making it impossible to win in the final stages

4.the problems with the controller that I had already mentioned in another thead persist and as far as you have made us pay for them (two controllers made of poor plastic that cost almost 3 times a controller of a console) it is really dishonest


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