Current bugs in Android 10 WW

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I don't know if everyone has them but they still appeared to me after the update to Android 10

1. the notification remains that there is a system update even if it is not already updated

2. streaming on twitch no longer work, after 5 minutes of live on twitch an error # 1000 appears to the spectators and they can no longer watch, this error does so only with the streaming mode of the rog phone 2 because if I live with an external app (streamlabs)does not create this problem. but I can't use external apps because I can't capture internal audio

3. the problems with mobile call of duty have increased dramatically, if before it was enough to restart the game to be able to finish the game now it must be restarted several times during the game making it impossible to win in the final stages

4.the problems with the controller that I had already mentioned in another thead persist and as far as you have made us pay for them (two controllers made of poor plastic that cost almost 3 times a controller of a console) it is really dishonest


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    Even with the latest April update cause more lagging and crashing

    1. this will be fixed in next FW update
    2. We are aware of this and have decided to remove Twitch since there's no current solution. I recommend you to use 3rd party software for twitch streaming. I'm sorry if this causes you any inconvenience
    3. This is known issue and not only to ASUS. You may search in their reviews at play store. This will confirm that it's a general issue. I do however recommend you to follow this guide
    4. Which emulator are you having issues with? Are you using key mapping or the emulators built in controller support?
  • my problem is not in an emulator but playing for example in mobile pubg, where in order to move with the analogue it is necessary to map on the screen, the problem and that the mapping reads analogue as directional arrows and therefore loses the progression of the movements making them inaccurate and sometimes slow, and difficult to explain ... and as if in racing game I steer in the middle with the game but the mapping still sent the steering to the maximum

  • as for mobile cod, I know it's a problem for other devices too, but I also have an s10 with exynos and a red magic 3 and neither of them have this problem, this problem has persisted for months, I sent an email to mobile cod support they have ignored, and really frustrating having to use that wreckage of red magic 3 to be able to do battle royale when I have the king of gaming phones

  • Ok, yes, this is a combination of software and the hardware in Kunai. We're working on improving it but I believe it will never get perfect because of the thumbsticks sensitivity.

    It's better with latest update. We allocated more memory to PUBG & COD as a workaround for a bug which both of these games share.

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    By the way will the same fixes be pushed to Zenfone 6 and Zenfone 5z? (Regarding pubg and cod stutters)

  • I just had this discussion with my colleague. We searched zentalk for similar ZenFone 6 threads and there are almost none. I found 4-5 short threads about PUBG and only one on COD. As there is a general game bug in both of these games, I'm not so sure that ZenFone 6 has any more issues than ROG Phone 2 with the latest update.

  • In Zenfone 5Z facing lots of stutters,frame drops and lags observed also screen jittering during swipping left or right during taking a look if someone is nearby in game

    Multi touch issue for 2 fingers is observed as well since A8

    Some threads already posted since december with proofs since A8 n now its A10 still no fixes infact after A10 observing more lags after latest .70 even on smooth graphics and frame rate extreme 😒 and if graphics set to more than smooth like balanced,HD,HDR and watever frame rate is set we can see lot of frame drops stutters n lags. 😞 Help 5Z users as well plz 😩

  • however I want to be honest and I have to say the moderators of the asus forum are the only ones who really read customer comments and respond satisfactorily, in addition to having the red magic I also had the black shark, being mid-range devices and the global firmware it's a mixture of android stock and some random functions just to be able to sell them all over the world, they are full of bugs and malfunctions, so I often commented on the forums but they never considered me and if they replied they always said they were not in contact with the developers. having said that, I thank the whole forum team for the competence and passion they put in it, in particular I thank Anders who reads all the comments and always responds kindly


  • it seems that cod now goes smoothly since the last update

  • I made the new update and I tell you the bugs.

    - Chrome freeze occasionally

    - Charging the phone heats up

    - Airtrigger crash playing COD.

    at the same time I would like to know why we cannot zoom with 48mp

  • We have found the issue which is a seperate one. Doesn't have anything to do with the fix we implemented in ROG Phone II


    1. That's an app issue. Happens on every phone
    2. All phones heat up when you charge them
    3. How often does the airtriggers crash in COD?
    4. You cannot zoom in 48Mp because when you zoom in 12MP, it's actually using the 48MP mode to give you 12 genuine MP. It's not an optical zoom. So now you understand why there's no zoom in 48MP mode. There's no point. It's the same as cropping your image.
  • @Anders_ASUS yayy...!! m glad sir that finally you have found the issue for 5Z ♥️

    Now we expect smoother gameplay on 5Z as well

    For now we cant play pubg beyond smooth graphics n extreme frame rate it starts lags n frame drops and feels slower joystics 😒 hence flagship will be redefined now 🤩

    Thanksalot sir for soo much of ur help meansalot to all 5Z users stay safe t.c.

    gud day😊

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    " Chrome freeze occasionally".

    Me too. When go to desktop and back to Chrome, it defreezes.

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    I found another bug on A10 2nd update(the latest ww version)

    Phone sometime will AUTO Lock to lockscreen once a while and i never click that button.

    Now i rethink, did Asus did something behind?

    The reason i will think this is because, after the latest update,my phone become hot. I went to developer there check running apps,i saw SCREEN RECORDING is running right after my update installed. After i turn it off,the phone back to normal room temperature.

    Whoever have not update to the latest version you can check it after you update it.

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