New Update 17.0230.2002.32



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    Ealier when playing COD for 10 mins it's start to freeze (black screen). Today after the update, I don't know whether game developers fixed it or Asus did, but the black screen issue was gone. I played for more than 1 hour and it didn't freeze for once.

    Glad somehow it got fixed.

    Another thing forgot to mention, the heating issue is also gone.

    Thanks, Team Asus!! Kudos!!

  • Did all of you received the update over fota or manually downloaded it? Cause I haven't received the latest update patch

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    Received via. FOTA... It's around 185mb. Restart your phone and try to update... I presume update is being pushed batch by batch. Don't worry u will get it on time... Got February 2020 security patch as well.

  • Me received on 3pm today

  • Nessun aggiornamento ricevuto, mi devo preoccupare?

  • jyun88jyun88 Level 2

    The update we anticipate is not here yet or will never come....i wonder..

  • I have to keep downloading mine manually. Cause I don't feel like waiting a week to get it.

    I wish manually checking would just force it to update.

  • I downloaded 2.24 gb one the 181 mb file didn't work for me so o downloaded 2.24 gb .

    It is correct file right ?????

  • I updated manualy, I don't have the wifi calling feature,plss help

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