Issue with fast charging

mkudaymkuday Level 1
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My mobile rog phone was not charging fast kindly suggest


  • I suggest you to try another cable since most cases where users have complained about slow charging was due to a damaged cable.

  • What I noticed is that, the charging cable included in the package is somewhat substandard. Mine was already not working in just a week of usage.

  • Try to change your charger set first.

    I recommend baseus 65watt charger, it should be "fast charger" .

    If "fast charging" doesn't appear on your screen please go to nearest service centre in your town.

  • My side port isnt fast charging and lower port sometimes charges fast sometimes doesn't....also charging stops randomly many times then I have to reconnect type c to restart charging..... Switching off and on charger doesn't work..only replugging type c

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