Armory Crate Hardcore Tuning

A HumanA Human Level 2
edited September 2020 in ROG Phone 2

Armory Crate could use an update. The tuning options can be confusing and frustrating. Currently there don't seem to be any guides/tutorials on the internet. I can only assume it's because nobody has had the time or sheer boredom to try to read through all of these settings and make notes on what each one will effect. Some of them are fairly obvious, but a lot of them aren't. Is there a way to make this more user friendly? Would it be reasonable to expect a fix for this in a future update, by perhaps simplifying each setting (for example, change "/sys/module/msm_perfirmance/parameters/cpu_min_freq 0-3" to maybe "cpu 0-3 minimum frequency"), or by adding a tutorial button in the tuning menu?



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