[Temporary Solution] Heating problem when upgrade to Android 9

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APP Name:
Rooted: No
Firmware/APP Version: PKQ1.WW_Phone-16.2017.2002.073-20200219
Frequency of Occurrence: every day
ZF Model: ZB631KL

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Hi guys,
After charging from 50% to 100% (takes about 1.5 hours) but the heating occurs again, the 4 cores of the CPU were loaded 100% statically again so I do disable and enable the service "Media Storage" as the old way so it is no more full loaded of 4 cores. I don't know whether the quick charge is conflicted with "Media Storage" service. Asus experts have to discover about this issues cause it is very annoy to users and If I do not disable and enable the "Media Storage" like that, the phone would be warm up and the battery would be drained out quickly (it will lost 1% every 10 mins. without using the phone).
• Temporary solution:
I have solved the problem about heating of the Max Pro M2 (3GB version) after upgrading to the Android P (Android 9)
The solution is we have to find the system app called "Media Storage" in the "App & notifications" tab and to Disable and Enable again so this task will reset the app and everything will be fine.
The reason is 4 of 8 cores of the CPU were loaded to full 100% so it caused the temp to be raised up always.
When I did the task as mentioned above so all was solved, the 4 cores will back to about 30 - 35% as my case and it will never reach 100% statically and the phone will be cool down.
I have compared with my old Pro Max M1, the cores of the CPU now were the same loading and the heating was gone.
I hope that this tips can help.
Best regards
Daihen Chu


  • Yeah,after the update of .073 phone getting heats up faster..
  • Also got the same problem with heat and random shutdowns when wake the phone up from sleep.
    Cpu:0 to 3 throttles when it's active and disable (Media Storage) it goes way down to 633 all 4 core

    but cpu 4 to 7 always stays at 1113 as lowest point.

    Hope the patch this soon, tired of booting up the phone every time it turns off

    Off Topic
    Restoring the phone to factory reset, didn't work.
    Safe Mode, didn't work.
    Cleaning Cache from recovery mode, didn't work.
    Tested Update the phones Firmware with the same (could be system files that was corrupted.), didn't work.
    The problem is still there with the random shutdown on wakeup.
  • I'm also on the latest 0.73 update. My cpu cores 4- 7 is also stuck at 1113Mhz all the time :( I wonder why

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