mobile network is slow

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Model: ZC600KL
Firmware/APP Version: 16.0610.2002.94-0
Frequency of Occurrence: 1
Rooted: No
APP Name:

hi asus
after last 2 updates my mobile network get very slow .
i live in iran and here internet speed is very low and after the latest update i have encountered the problem that with really weak internet my speed is much slower
I tested a few SIM cards inside the slots and the speed was still low
If the same SIM cards were working correctly on other phones
pls help me🙏


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    Hi najafi.saleh21,

    When did this problem start to appear? Could you recall which firmware version it was working normally?
    Could you tell us your operator?
    Could you show me a screenshot or a short video of the problem?
    Could you show me a screenshot of the SIM status when this happens?
    (Settings > System > About phone > Status > SIM status)
    Please change to another SIM card by another operator, and check if the problem still appears.
    When the problem appears, are you in a building/ on a transportation/ in the basement/ indoor or outdoors?
    Where is the approximate location where this happens? Have you checked in different locations?

    Thank you :)
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