Regarding charging

Hi Asus team
There is no fast charging from last three days.
Charging takes almost 8 hours and there is no help from power master.guys please help me


  • I’ve also had slow and even no charging since the android 10 update. 
  • Me too, my phone qc 3.0 not working. The phone can't detect PC. 
  • Hi panvalkar.aakash & all,

    Are you using the original charger?
    Have you enabled battery care? (Mobile manger > PowerMaster > Battery care)
    If you enable battery care, the battery level will stay at 80%, then start charging from 80% to 100% two hours before the scheduled time ends.

    Thank you :)
  • I didn't face these kind of issues, as i also used Android Q, but can say thay the charging speed experienced in Q was slower than before
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