Problem with Saved WiFi networks

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App Name:
Rooted: No
Frequency of Occurrence:
Firmware/App Version: 8.0.0
Model: ZS570KL(Deluxe)
Description: Very annoying problem with saving WiFi passwords.

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I have very annoying problem with saving WiFi passwords.

Somehow some strange WiFi network appeared in my Saved Networks. Definitely not stored by me.
When i try to connect to new network phone asks for WiFi password and connects successfully. New network is shown under "Saved networks". Everything works fine. Off WiFi -> On WiFi then saved networks after initial strange one missing. I have tried to delete this weird network (even deleted ALL saved networks). After switching Off -> On list of Saved networks is as it was BEFORE deleting.

P.S. Stupid picture upload... first screen at the bottom last at the top.


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    Hi SG_3333

    What's your phone’s firmware version (Settings > About phone> Build number)
    Are you asking about you need to enter the wifi password every time when you try to connect the saved wifi router?
    Please kindly test it under safe mode. (safemode:

    Please help to confirm,thank you:)
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