ScreenPad disables with domain account - ux550ge

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System: Windows 10
Battery or AC: AC
Description: ScreenPad disables when logged in as a domain account but functions when in a local account
Model: UX550GE-XB74T
Frequency of Occurrence: Always
Reset OS: Yes

I just bought a UX550GE-XB74T for work, and upon joining it to my domain, the ScreenPad stopped functioning. It shows disabled and cannot be enabled at all.
If I log back into a local account, the ScreenPad functions normally. I spoke to ASUS tech support but they were unable to assist. I am the domain administrator for my domain, and I suspect it could be related to a domain setting, possibly in the GPOs, but I can't think of what. It's not like ScreenPad existed for a long time for it to have its own unique setting in the GPOs, I can't seem to find anything that would disable the software from running.

Any thoughts?


  • Was able to resolve this by manually launching a screenpad app from the MS store.
  • Nevermind - aside from that fixing it once the screenpad continues to not work on a domain account. Weird
  • Hello BrianAK,
    May I know your
    1.Windows OS verison (1809/1903)
    2.BIOS version
    3. Asus ScreenPad Display Driver verison
    4. ASUS Precision Touchpad (ScreenPad) verison
    5. Screenpad toolbar version

    I will double confirm with our technical support team.
    Thank you for messaging us.
    Have a nice day.
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