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edited September 2020 in ZenFone 5 Series
Model: ZE620KL
Firmware/APP Version: .
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Rooted: No
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Hello, Asus, I want the Asus Zenfone 5 to get a Camera update. Especially with Front Camera software needs support. Colors and details are not realistic. The colors look like crayons, the details look like you've done makeup on your face. Camera It would be great to get a realistic and detailed update like a film camera. Please do this ...


  • Hi yusufofficiall01,

    Good day,
    Could you show me more details as the following for our reference?
    (1.) Camera app version
    (2.) Original photos
    Please upload pictures to a cloud and paste your share link to me, (e.g Google drive or Asus webstorage)
    (3.) In which scenario did you take these photos?

    Thank you.
  • Give me some time, I'll give you the video, photo information in the most detailed way.
  • Hi yusufofficiall01,

    Thanks for your kind and help.
    We'll wait for your reply. :)
  • Hi, I have worked hard to create this file. I hope my efforts will not be wasted and you will make the camera better. I wish you a good day...


    Dear Emilee, you listen to our problems and report to your team to solve them. I have a request for you. Report this problem to your team in detail. A really unpleasant problem for us. Please do what is necessary.
  • Hi yusufofficiall01 ,

    Good day.
    Sorry, I have no permission to visit your photos, please see below screenshot.
    Does these photos that you took by the rear camera? If yes. This problem is in processing.

    If you mentioned the front camera, please kindly update your firmware to the latest WW-16.0615.1905.102 for a check. (settings> system > check update)

    If this problem still appears, please open the permission of your link so that I can access your link. :)

    Thank you.
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