FOTA has arrived Thanks Asus,Little Feedback

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ZF Model: ZB602KL
Firmware/APP Version: WW-16.2017.1905.053
Frequency of Occurrence: Don't now
Rooted: No
APP Name: Pie

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I just installed pie via FOTA,and find this

1. What app this is found after update pie
2. The notification is to down from the screen
3. And shutdown notif is color black not like the other
4. Lockscreen truned black when slide up open use parrent,pin, password
5. Phone heat slowly when stand by

Only just found it later if the update will be notified ✌️

Thank you


  • Stop lying it's not coming it's full of bugs.
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    piyushpisu posted on 2019/5/29 06:25
    Stop lying it's not coming it's full of bugs.

    My phone is zb602kl your phone estimates based on location India is zb601kl this forum for zb602kl,try update manual in my country new firmware is WW-16.2017.1905.053

    Here's a link

    Have a nice day ✌️
  • Perform Root Integrity check and see if it's successful after the new firmware?
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    I have same bug's or issues that actually annoying. Like the notification on landscape mode, I can't go to setting quickly from the notification. My phone is same with you (zb602kl)
    additional note : if you change device theme dark or use auto on bright wallpaper the number/digit plate for the password or pin blackout

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    As you can see the different
  • I play aov and now High frame rate setting has been gone 😠on android pie oreo still better than this shit update
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