Fast charging

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Has anyone else had an issue with the ROG phone fast charge? Mines stopped working, phone will still charge off a normal charger, but if it's a fast charger it goes to almost super trickle charge mode. And goes up 5% in 30 minutes. Charger will still fast charge other phones without an issue, so I can only assume it's my phone.


  • Have you tried to charge with the second port
  • Hi caz00,

    Kindly tell us are you charging from the side port or bottom port?
    Kindly provide your firmware version:
    Settings > System > About Phone > Software information
    Please also make sure you are using the original charger by ASUS.
    Are you using your phone while charging? Have you tried charging while not using your phone?
    Does the plus sign show on the battery icon while you are charging?
    What is your battery level when this problem appears?

    Kindly help us with the above questions.
    Thank you :)
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