Auto rotation sometimes does not work

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The title is self-explanatory. I have installed the latest firmware(162.50) and did factory reset. Still it does not work sometimes in youtube or in system even.


  • Hi ozgur.105,

    Good day.
    If your Asus Launcher is currently on version, please kindly clear storage and cache on Asus Launcher for a check.
    (settings > apps & notifications > see all apps >r Asus Launcher > storage & memory >clear storage & cache)

    If this problem still there, please kindly tell me is there any specific app to cause this problem to occur?

    I also suggest you can check this matter under the safe mode.
    In safe mode, only the factory pre-installed applications will be loaded.
    For instructions, please refer to the link below:

    Thank you. :)
  • Yup, I can confirm this as well and it's not just you. The phone doesn't seem to respond to rotation very well.
    On youtube I get issues trying to rotate the screen to the other side. On some video streaming websites, the videos don't even go in landscape mode, they're stuck in portrait mode. Even using firefox I have to close the app, re-open it and maybe it will go in landscape mode.
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    Hi All,

    Good day.
    Is your firmware currently on the latest WW-
    May I know whether you click the screen first and rotate it, then you can't flip it anymore?
    Does this problem only appear after a period idle?

    I've texted you by PM, please kindly check it.

    Thank you.
  • Hi,

    I am on the latest firmware WW-

    I think you mean the new switch that shows up on the right of navigation bar if you rotate the phone (and if auto rotation is not enabled). It does not matter. Sometimes auto rotation feature does not work completely. In those times when you rotate the phone:

    -If auto rotation is enabled: The screen does not rotate.
    -If auto rotation is not enabled: That navigation bar switch does not show up.

    The solution is to switching the auto rotation on and off sequentially.

    Problem occurs in youtube, gallery or systemwide. (settings etc.)

    I have also tried the latest zenui-launcher apk you presented in another topic: version .43. That did not help either.
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    Hi ozgur.105,

    Thanks for your reply.
    I've texted you by PM, yesterday.
    Could you please kindly help us record a log about this problem and tell us more details about your operation?
    Then I'll provide your information and log to our tech team for further analysis.

    Thank you.
    Have a nice weekend.
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