Regarding software issues big bugs on my max pro m2

I got big bugs on my newly purchased max pro m2 really disappointed from asus who is well known for its hardware or else it was my bad luck to trust on asus and spend my money on it here are the following bugs:-
1. Even though my data connection is on when i surf vedios it shows no connection u have to go to home page of the youtube to see back online dialogue at the bottom.
2.touch is not working sometimes on YouTube , I thought it maybe coz of YouTube is not upgraded i updated it same problem laggy touch:(
3.battery optimisation is not that good but it's better then previous update.
4.overall software is not fully optimised i know there can be some minor bugs but asus should remove major bugs...

At last we need pie update as you know we have waited for it long it should be worth:)


  • Do the beta testing for pie it will fix those problems. The only problem I have is sound crackling when I have a headset volume maxed. I can clear it just by unplugging and plugging it back in. The camera and battery is much better. My battery will last 24hrs normal use. My normal use is using it 10 hours a day. 
  • Hi arun.ajaybhai1234

    1.Does this issue only happen in wifi conneting? what did you mean back online dialogue at the bottom?
    2. Does this pproblem happen in every app? the background was running which program?
    For touch response issue, please provide any videos available that would show this problem.
    3.Are you talking about battery drains in standby mode or in use?
    4.Please be patient for the “Android Pie” image update notification release on ASUS website.
    Thank you for your great support and love ASUS products.
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