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No Signal problem
Recently I've been losing my phone signal from time to time. But my sim works perfectly well with other phones. This sudden loss of signal is quite a pain for me. I have to restart my phone or switch airplane mode on/off to gain a signal, then after awhile there it goes again. Can someone enlighten me what's going on? Cuz i bought this phone 7months ago for Php.20,000. Now i feel i was cheated and starting to regret that id rather chose to buy other brands with notch type phone in cheaper price.


  • Btw im from iloilo city, philippines. If you can direct me to a nearest support center where i can have my phone checked. That would be helpful. Thanks
  • I also have the same problem after the last update
  • Hi All,

    Good day.
    Please kindly update the firmware to the latest WW-v16.0611.1901.1 for a check.
    (settings> system > system update)

    If this problem still exists, please show me pieces of information as below:
    (1.) Does the signal back automatically after lost connection?
    (2.) SIM carrier
    (3.) SIM status screenshot when you encounter this problem (settings> system > about phone > status> SIM status)

    Thank you.
  • My firmware version is WW-v16.0611.1901.1 like you said

    1. Most of the time it doesn't come back on its own. I need to enable flight mode then wait a few seconds then turn off flight mode, and wait again for few seconds to get my signal back. This problem occurs frequently
    2. My carrier is smart communications
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    My typical signal strength is 3 to 4 bars then if i moved my phone for a bit it goes 2 bars then 1 and then signal bars turns gray then it will display an X mark. My place has a good signal reception, i have to hold my phone very steady if i want a stable connection, this is hard to do when i'm playing online games on my phone. This problem is reaaaaaally bothering me.
  • @Emilee_ASUS i already replied to your request
  • Please respond to this issue Emilee_ASUS i already provided the details
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    Hi All,

    I apologize for not replying you earlier.
    I would suggest you can update the system to the latest WW- v16.0615.1903.92 for a check.
    If this problem still appears, please kindly let me know. Sorry for any inconvenience.
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