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A lot of app doesn't work in this phone!
Every update it gets worst.
I really regret buying this .
Any one else has ths same problem?


  • Hi samonteruby.rs,

    In the future, please provide us a Screenshot what Apps you may facing a problem. Without Screenshot, we don't know whats problem faing to you :D

    Best Regards,
    HE :)
  • I've installed couple of app and whenever i try it on a different phone it works. Example, payme it doesn't let me put bank accounts, employ keeps saying i don't have the latest app from the app store and some doesn't give me notification
  • Hi samonteruby.rs

    The latest version for ZE620KL : WW_16_0610_1901_74. has been released.
    We would advise you to update to the latest firmware.
    Please provide the version of payme.
    Sorry, we're afraid we may need information on your other problem.
    Could you describe more clearly? Thank you!
  • Hi, I am new here.

    I have Zenfone 5 a couple of days.

    Question mobile banking applications privat24 and monobank do not give notifications except they are running.

    Both of them have allowing all type of notifications

    Could anybody help?

    WhatsApp, Viber, telegram, email, all other apps notify good



  • Hi Diplodok

    Thank you for your asking. I have come up some stay-at-home troubleshooting tips below, please check

    1. Settings>Apps & notifications>See all>the app you want>>Notifications

    2.  Mobile Manager>Power Master>Auto-start Manager>turn "ON" the bank apps you've mention above

    Furthermore, sometimes the bank apps have the authority different with usual apps, please contact the developer of bank apps if you require any further information.

  • vahnikvahnik Level 2

    Андрей, privat24 не присылает уведомления, если операции меньше 1000 грн. Про monobank не знаю, но возможно аналогичная ситуация

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