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The issues is about the wifi.. sometimes wifi does disappeared and when shows one and connection ware connected to tue wifi its shows so slow that i can't even watch YouTube or browse anything's...but i've tried withy another phone also with my friend's phone but i didn't got any problem's with there phones... And also iam facing so much of problem's with this phone ...on camera option's there is no slow motion video capture ..no panorama mode no low light...so what can i do with it...i think this phone is nothing but a garbage... someone told mw to download a 3rd party apps ..why should i do that why not asus give it to this model of there phones... really this make me so disappointed with asus...and they told us they going to improve there camera but no improvement...lol
So many problem that iam facing cant be written in hare...
My main problem is with wifi that this phone can capture speed from wifi...may be next can improve this....
MODEL: Asus Zenfone max pro (m1).


  • I'm having a quite unstable WiFi ping issue. Observed using PingTools Pro, the ping rates vary from time to time, which is something different when observed from other devices (notebook and phone) connected to the same WiFi. I'm using FW 338.

    This issue causes noticeable lags (delay) when playing online mobile games that requires fast and stable internet connection.
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    Hi hm.jaman,

    Could you tell me your firmware version?
    Could you tell me the brand and model of the routers that have this problem?
    Have you tried connecting to a different router?
    Have you tested the WiFi speed in the same location with another phone, connected to the same WiFi?
    Could you show me a screenshot of the Network info of the WiFi connected?
    (Settings > Network & Internet > Wi-Fi > tap the WiFi connected to access Network Info)

    For the camera suggestions, we appreciate your suggestions.If you would like to give us suggestions, you can share your ideas in the Idea For Next section, the ideas there will be highly considered in our phone design.https://www.asus.com/zentalk/forum.php?mod=forumdisplay&fid=46
    Thank you.
  • mahara posted on 2019/1/7 15:12
    I'm having a quite unstable WiFi ping issue. Observed using PingTools Pro, the ping rates vary from ...

    But i checked my wifi! its normal to other devices except this phone.
  • Jei_ASUS posted on 2019/1/8 13:03
    Hi hm.jaman,

    Could you tell me your firmware version?

    Hare a picture for you to see the firmware update..sorry can't type the whole think..
    TP-LINK Router but i checked the router no problem with router...and yes I've tried to connecting with other WiFi router..but same problem..
    Yes i've tried the same Router with few different's phone in same location.. speed was great as it supposed to be!
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