Cannot redeem 100g Google drive due to redeem storage pending

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Model: ZE552KL
Firmware/App Version: Android 8
Frequency of Occurrence:
Rooted: Yes
App Name:
Description: Cannot redeem 100g Google drive

I saw the redeem page and the message was saying I have redeem 100g storage successfully. but when going to drive, it was saying "redeem storage pending", and next day the message about pending dispeared. And have no chance to access redeem page again. Could you please help me out with it?


  • Hi xie_peng,

    I have PMed you. Please take a look. Thank you :)
  • Hi xie_peng,

    We would advise you to follow the steps:
    1) Sign in your Google Account
    2) Settings > Apps & notifications > App Info > Drive > Storage & memory > Clear data
    3) Go to Drive App again

    Thank you :)
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