Multiple Issues in ROG phone 2 after 2 months usage



  • It sounds like Asus knows about this problem and is willing to throw every "did you reset it" old mom and pop answer they can because apparently this only effects the tencent version which they APPARENTLY don't give a crap about because they priced it cheaper. I'm so mad. Because this phone could be so much more. It over heats. It's connection to my ultra powerful WiFi is a home for some games and apps like destiny 2 companion or Pokemon master. And let's get to the center of the issue. CALL OF DUTY MOBILE. if I would have KNOW tTHIS PHONE COULDNT PLAY THAT GAME I WOULD HAVE NEVER BOUGHT IT. Every fricken game j get kicked and have to log out after wiping game and hurry to log back in to check if I'm dead. Every game. It's sad. Ive tried all the settings and it updated to the latest Android update. None of my friends experience this stuff and they look at my "elite gaming phone" like it's a joke and as I cry as I write this I'm starting to think so as well

  • This is not isolated to the Tencent phone or ASUS for that matter. It can happen to ANY android phone. These reviews from Play Store are cherry picked to prove my point (that it can happen on any phone) but you can find a LARGE number of negative reviews mentioning the issues you described.

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    Yeah it seems that it is indeed a problem in the app. Is there a chance that the team at ASUS can contact Activision and maybe get this issue noticed and acted upon? Since this is so common, it is getting negative attention to both the companies and mostly to ASUS. Btw, this issue had happened with me with Android 9 as well! Not saying that Asus is at fault, but there's something more complicated going on here than just a OS version issue.

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    Sometimes it is game issue and sometimes it's phone software issue.

    Anyhow,Asus really need to step up on the software support. Yes i know Asus team is working on it but it's not good enough to play the smartphone "game" among so many brands.

    I don't know about Tencent edition and i will definitely never going to get 1 cause they're Tencent for a reason.

    I really hope Asus really can step up into the game here. Price point level, there are Samsung,Oneplus which did very well. OnePlus really step into the game very well and they get into premium pricing(many can live with that)

    Sorry if I sound harsh to Asus team(you guys did well) but your company really need to step up.

  • I understand your frustration but I don't believe Tencent Games would appreciate if we point out all the issues they are well aware of that they already have. Just have a look at PUBG at play store. Trust me, THEY KNOW.

    A gaming phones properties is to have more powerful hardware than "normal" phones. To offer some sort of edge. What they do not and can not do, is to magically make games with code issues to just work.

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    Call of duty Freezes for me quite frequently. I never play Battle Royale. I only play Multiplayer, or Ranked mode. And this problem always comes. It has come since Feb 2020. This problem was not there earlier. Really a bummer, becuase either it crashes between the game, or freezes somewhere.

    Hate it!! Also, the phone gets pretty warm while playing, to the point I have to stop and keep my phone aside (PS: I never play for more than 40 mins at a stretch)

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    Hmm... Noted

    Thank You for you enlightenment. I admit i know not much about normal smartphone with gaming phone BUT i must say,i glad i bought ROG2 unlike my 1st so called gaming phone HONOR PLAY(Yuksss)

  • @Anders_ASUS What can be the reason behind the fact that the screen goes black only when the device gets hot? For me personally, when I see the temperature go 42+, I am certain that it will happen in the current round of the game. And it almost always does.

    I am a game developer myself so I highly doubt that the devs would have included a relation like that. It seems more like a GPU command receive failure which might be caused by the some OS failsafe that gets triggered by the temperature rise.

  • I have been facing all of the above. Specially problem no. 1, the phone is unplayable. Before it use to freeze and crash once every 3-4 games but after the Android 10 update the COD Mobile screen blacks out 2wice every game. It happens even though i play on medium settings. It's really frustrating and i have started regretting to buy Asus.

    Please work with Tencent and fix this bug instead of playing blame game or rest assured you are loosing a lot of gamers. My friends having one + and they have smooth gaming experience.

  • Hey man! For the record except for the call of duty issue everything else has got solved since I updated to Android 10 .

    Also yes Call of duty has become more pathetic after updating to A10. But please don't bash Asus for it , I have proof that I have submitted to Call Of duty support group where I have recorded the same issue in Nubia red magic , samsung S10+ , Asus ROG 2 and the One plus 7T . This issue is not specific to any particular device and it is a result of the pathetic team at Activision and Android 10 compatibility issues with the game. It's not a blame game !

    Yes there are anomaly devices where there are no issues and am sure you'll find an ROG2 user having no issues with COD but like I said it's an anomaly. All phones of all models are affected!

  • Is there any way to go back to Android 9 from from Android 10? Android 10 for ROG 2 is a nightmare for gamers

  • It could be you're right or not. However if Activision and Android 10 compatibility is well known and so many complains have been raised. Some one should act on it.

    My friend has one+ 7 and he never had any such problems

  • Call of duty support don't do shit about it , I mailed them all the proof and you know what their solution was ? Clear cache and reinstall and that's been their solution since the last 3.5 months !

    And about One plus 7 possible like I said anomaly , we have a gamer group which consists of 2 ROG 2 phones , one Nubia red magic , one samsung S10+ and one old samsung phone ( I think it's J7 or something ) . Out of these the Samsung J7 works much better than all of our premium phones combined in running call of duty ! It. Crashes less , less frame drops etc etc .

  • There is thread on this forum where they have given specific instructions on how to downgrade to A9 , just search for it

  • 1. I am very much disappointed because the Pubg game freezes every single time and the phone turns off automatically.....i have done factory reset even though the problem is not solved.

    2. The Phone heats so much...even i use 60hz refresh rate...x mode off .....brightness to the lowest possible....even though it gets heated within 20 min

    Please give me the solution.......the switch off problem is now a terrible headache

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    Here's one solution.

    Update your phone to the latest A10 firmware.

    My phone doesn't encounter this after upgrading to A10 from A9.

  • That doesn't help I'm on the latest firmware and experiencing the same issue. Device is heating really quickly just plug in the charger and use the phone for few minutes and it power offs. I also checked the temperatures and they are going really high, cpu temperature was around 60°C just after few minutes of charging and using.

  • can you notice otg problem after install andriod Q in your device

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    60°C on CPU while using light-medium is normal. Playing PUBG Mobile will make your CPU & GPU goes to 70°C and body thermal around 40°C. But 60°C phone thermal is NOT OK. As long as your phone body thermals doesn't hit 50°C, it's normal.

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