SOLUTION !!! Possible solution for call of duty on Android 10 so that it no longer hangs

gusta_cmgusta_cm Level 1
edited September 2020 in ROG Phone 2

Go to developer options and go to Game driver preferences and selec system graphics driver and supposedly the game would no longer cause problems ?


  • Hi Gusta_CM, did you tried?

    What other things on the phone change with that option?

  • This was not a working solution for me yes I too found and tryed you want best fix I've come to find by trial and error downgrade firmware to 9 from Asus website then you also can modify xmode performance aswelll as high frame rate in-game and medium graphics if you seam to lag with network drop fps down one more notch for stability with fps

  • Check Xda for info on downgrade proccess

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