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  • SudhinSudhin Level 1

    crashing of games is becoming frequent nkw

  • Mine ROG 2 is the Tencent/Chinese version and I have no issues, one big difference I have noticed, the battery lasts about 30% longer.

  • Guys, to all of you having problems with A10 I recommend to make a factory reset and try to uninstall apps like Facebook and such.

    I have the 128gb version, I live in Switzerland and I bought my phone almost a month ago now.

    Android 10 update arrived like a week ago and I'm not having any problems.

  • There are many positive updates with A10 obviously but I'm facing some serious problems which was not there in A9 and because of which I made the decision of buying rog phone 2. The problems I'm facing in A10 are :

    1. Battery drain issue - my phone used to last 2 days with normal usage while on A9 but now in A10 it lasts hardly 1 day with same usage (very disappointing even after having 6k mah battery)

    2. Face id unlock was way better and smoother even in low light conditions that I used to flaunt, it has been degraded now.

    3. Gaming performance reduced, doesn't feel like 120 fps, though it feels better in home screen and app menu, but while in games, it sucks.

    4. Overheating issues.

    I request rog and asus team to kindly help us solve these problems asap with another update so that we can continue our trust on rog phones.

    Thank you. Regards

    Akshay Sharma (ROG PHONE 2 USER)

  • Those of you who say that you updated to A10 and got really bad battery life and performance, probably encountered some issue in the update process which will not show up as an error. When you downgraded to A9 again, then the phone got totally reset. So this is not a fair comparison.

    Do we have anyone in this thread who factory reset their phone after the A10 update and got a bad score, then downgraded to A9 with performance fully restored? If there is such a user, then I would very much like to get in contact.

    Just ping me or quote this message and I will get back to you as fast as possible.

  • ejvtanejvtan Level 1

    I didn't feel a slight difference on the performance of the phone (using it as a work phone for emails, reviews of documents, meetings and such) though I haven't tried playing any games yet. Will update you if I have some time for this.

    The noticable issue is that I have is that the phone overheats when charging whether downgrading to A9 and updating it again to A10.

    I tried the follwing fixes:

    1. Downgrading to A9 using the firmware in Asus site and factory resetting the phone.

    2. Manually upgrading to A10 using the firmware in the Asus siteand factory resetting the phone.

    ROG 2 will shut down using 5v 2a chargers, 18w charger and 30w charger. Any other would be fine but charging will take a longer time.

  • After so many posts, this is the post where I found someone spoke about the phone lagging during gaming. It's lagging like hell and there are a lot of frame drops and the screen freezes for a mini second or so. Since its a gaming phone officially they should have made sure that popular high end games are working fine. There are a few minor glitches as well which has been already mentioned. Hope we get an update soon to fix this glitches. Till then can anyone suggest any efficient verified solution? Should I roll it back to A9 or should I factory reset the phone?

  • Pls try different settings from armory crate....i was getting better performance with x mode off...(, right now i m in a9 but will go to a10 again)

  • Will it work and come back A9 all system if factory reset? I am having issue charging problem, battery drain because of charging.. please help me regarding this issue. I will not buy any Asus in Future.

  • ejvtanejvtan Level 1

    Did you wipe your data or factory reset in recovery mode after updating to A10? You might want to try pratiksonihbk's suggestion first before a factory reset.

  • Anders_ASUSAnders_ASUS Level 6
    edited April 2020

    Is it very hot in your room? Could be that your hardware is damaged. Please visit a service center as soon as the lock down has been lifted

  • ejvtanejvtan Level 1

    Nope, my room is not that hot. Though I already noted that this is not an isolated case as others are having the same issue as me.

  • ejvtanejvtan Level 1

    The charging issue has been prevalent here in the Philippines. Seems like there are many people in the ASUS PH Group that are already complaining with this issue.

    Have tested one game in COD, performance seems fine with me though I'm only running at 60 fps.

  • uri13uri13 Level 1

    I have the same problems than OP and than you, and dezens of more people here.

    Please, how to report to Asus? I'm downgrading to A9 if I find the option to activate the A10 gestures on there.

  • Today while gaming my fps dropped at 27 .. is that a joke for a phone of 120 fps .. seriously going through a tough time and facing very bad issues with the phone ..

  • Same problems bro. I did factory reset three times but nothing happened my phone also looking like hell . really disappointed with Asus

    @and06tw @Anders_ASUS help

  • My problems after Update to Android 10:

    1) my live wallpaper goes to a plain black wallpaper. It can be fixed by re- setting the wallpaper.

    2) Apps are not staying open in the background. Apps generally just restart like they were not even open even when you go back to it in a second ( not all apps, majorly bank and money transfer apps)

    3) Frame drops is all games. Quality also reduced. Even Asphalt 9 lags a lot. Games also tend to hang

    4) battery backup feels much lower

    One big reason I find for the first two points is that the process for apps seem to be closed the moment I exit. The asus live wallpaper app seems to shut when I super clean. All this even after I have manually exempted them from the options.

    The other two seem to be a completely due to lack of optimization in code.

    A few things.

    The consumed ram percentage is now generally lower than what it used to be in Android 9.

    The dark mode is much better and so is the audio wizard.

    But the phone is just to glitchy to use.

  • uri13uri13 Level 1

    How can we report all this problems directly to Asus???

  • I did a factory reset and started from scratch, it's still the same. I play a lot of Pubg mobile that's why I bought this phone but the lag which is not there in other phones after crosschecking myself is unacceptable the frame drops when enemy approaches like hell no touch sensitivity works. The phone overheats when charging from a 30 Watt adapter. The performance has seriously reduced, camera became poor in low light

  • uri13uri13 Level 1

    I'm on A10 too. For me, PUBG works fine, but not at 100%. I'm playing at 90Hz and it seems I'm playing at 200Hz: after 30min playing, 15-18% of the battery is drained. And the phone is always +40º. Just burning. Maybe is something related to the kernel... But I've tested with Kirisakura as well, but nothing. Same. That's my biggest problem... that some time the device is draining a lot of battery. I could not imagine if the battery was like 4500mah or even 4000...

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