Another BUG after A10 update(ROG PHONE 2)

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@Anders_ASUS @LP_ASUS .

Anyone have this issue?

I found that Chrome got problem with FREEZE and lag while scrolling doesn't matter what display hertz were set.

I notice FB video have this fade out issue(lag)issue ever since after update


  • I too have similar problem on Chrome.

    I don't use FB so can't tell about that.

  • Since I don't use Chrome (I use Edge), I don't have any issues with freezing while in websites. Also Facebook videos working in my phone as expected.

    Did you try uninstalling and reinstalling Facebook app? This could solve your problem. Their app had a problem with high battery consumption, which was solved in last update.

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    I had the issue with Chrome. Gone after factory reset.

    Don't know about FB. Don't use it much.

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    This a screen record.

    You guys try compare

  • OPCOPC Level 4

    I had this kind of flickering on multiple apps (Thor browser, Ghostery, Viber, Firefox, Chrome, etc before factory reset. Didn't open FB. Maybe it would have been there as well. Now it's gone.

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    Another BUG to add on stable Android 10.

    I use Galaxy Watch pair with my ROG 2.

    Ever since update to A10,the Bluetooth logo didn't show connected sign. It just show Bluetooth ON.

    Total BUG so far i face is

    1-Chrome Freeze

    2-notification issue. No notification unless i open the app.(turned off optimization,all notification ON) especially whatsapp which is very important

    3-Silent notification (i didn't use Do Not Disturb mode)

    4-notification bar long tap(after long tap and enter to the settings,the notification bar will still appear

    5-FB app close video will have fading lag(i tried reinstall but problem is back)

    6-certain game will have pixels crash(crash colours dots) when the game load certain motions.

    Day to day,more and more bug appears.

    Hope new update will fix all of these...

    1. This is a common issue with chrome which you can see if you read their reviews at play store.
    2. Double check that the app is not prevented from auto-starting in our powermaster auto-start manager. You may also disable and enable this app in optiflex
    3. I don't understand this question. Silent notification is a part of A10. You may decide you want a notification to be altering or silent
    4. I also do not understand this one. If you want the notification to go away, then swipe it
    5. Have you changed any animation settings in developer options?
    6. I need to see a video of this.
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    I've reset the network settings and all the notification is back.

    Silent notification: in the settings, there's a option is call silent notification.

    Optiflex: ya. I found out when whatsapp set into optimise mode,it will stop receiving whatsapp notification which is... weird... Cause the msg can't get through to my ROG to receive.

  • Good thing it all got sorted out

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