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Did anyone notice ambient display using up battery. I couldn't figure out hot to turn it off.

Anyone please help.


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    Ambient Display as far as I know is a feature that allows the user to check specific information (time, date, notifications, etc) on the screen while the phone is locked, with the less possible battery consumption. Please note that I said "less possible" and not "cero". Pixels on the screen have to be lighten up in order for you to be abe to see these information and these turned on pixels will consume battery. But not that much (and thats because of OLED technology). See it for yourself: 7hrs 30mins of usage , consumed just a 3% of your battery. Thats absolutely normal (and expectable).

  • It's all turned off.

  • It is not showing up anywhere. I cannot see any Ambient display in my phone.

  • I also don't see it.

  • This is happening on some users devices. I've asked our devs to look into it but there has been a holiday in Taiwan so hopefully the reply will come on monday

  • As I mentioned before , the screen is consuming the battery a lot , I've never experienced this in android 9 at all. The screen uses half the juice of the battery idk why is this happening after A10 update , kindly help as I've mentioned this same issue before .

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