Feedback on ANDROID 10(after 3 days use)

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After 3 days of update

-Battery seems fine(still monitoring)

-new navigation gesture is way way too annoying. I use other navigation now

-phone does easy to get warm compare to A9. I suspect google is using GPS on background during the time i travel today(Still monitoring)

-status bar will disappear once a while especially the clock(BUG)

-notification menu- i long press WiFi button, it'll bring me to wifi settings and once a while,the notification auto appear though I didn't pull it down(BUG)

- i play china MOBA game call King of Glory(王者荣耀)

After certain resurrection,my joystick don't respond unless i tap it again(i wonder if it's a BUG or hardware issue)

Still need more days to monitor this A10 and I'm less liking it now due to all those bugs and warming issue which i notice today.

Is there anyone mind to share your experiences?

Or problem solving would be nice.


  • CetorcaCetorca Level 1
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    Hi, I'm also on Android 10 since las tuesday and I'm not having any issues.

    Maybe the phone is slightly warmer but Inothing significant.

    Battery is still OK, I gave it a heavy use like usual on this quarantine and can't say it's worse. Although that Android system consuming more than COD Mobile is strange and Phone Idle too. I will try clearing cache and see on the next days.

    I'm in Switzerland and I bought the 8gb/128gb version.

    Let me know what you think.

  • jyun88jyun88 Level 2

    We use the same model

    Need to monitor for few more days to finalize everything.

    Not forget to mention,Chrome freezes after update to A10. Have you face this issue before?

    Any @asus @Anders_ASUS @LP_ASUS heard about chrome freezes?

  • No problem with Google Chrome.

    I've must say also that I don't use the number one battery draining app, Facebook. I've even disabled the preloaded Facebook apps (installer and shit).

    I will get back here to post any issue I find. Only one I have so far is with COD but it's their problem.

  • Cod mobile and mobile legends shuttting down after update..worst update ever..cod mobile freezing and blackscreen on max settings i can fire and hear sounds bt cant play..i have to restart again..plz solve that..8gb 128 gb..

  • COD freeze issue is Activision's fault. I had that problem on my Pixel 2 also.

  • jyun88jyun88 Level 2

    Like how? Sorry... Don't understand the problem here

  • The user I quoted is talking about an in game issue that's not the phone's fault

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    Today I installed Android 10 and after playing COD Mobile for 2 hours I realized that every 15-20 minutes the screen goes black (but the sound can still be heard) when that never happened to me before (with A9). First, I cleared the cache of the game. That didn't do it. Then I uninstalled the game and installed it again, which didn't fix it either. I did a basic research on the internet and apparently it's a common issue with A10 and it has to do with Activision not updating the game to work properly with A10 (or something like that). Because I play that game a lot (it's basically one of the 2 games I only play on my phone, Archero being the second one), I feel almost in the obligation to downgrade back to A9.

    Besides that, my 3hrs+ experience was not bad. Battery consumption was almost the same (maybe a bit worse in COD, but just a bit), the performace was great. There were even some things I liked about it (its aesthetics for the most part). But it's not worth giving up COD for these slight improvements. I will choose to wait a long time (if necessary) until everything works properly (or at least how it was intended to).

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